1706091986 Taxi driver accuses former volleyball player Leyla Chihuan of crashing

Taxi driver accuses former volleyball player Leyla Chihuán of crashing her taxi and leaving her on expenses in Arequipa

Taxi driver accuses former volleyball player Leyla Chihuan of crashing

Leyla Chihuan is in the public eye after being denounced by him Jenny Villalbaa taxi driver and mother after she allegedly crashed her car Arequipa. The woman concerned fears that the former volleyball player will burden her with all the costs. The accident occurred last Monday, January 22, at the intersection of Filtro and Peral streets, in Cercado de la white city.

Arequipa: How could the accident with Leyla Chihuán have happened?

As reported VillalbaShe was driving her vehicle with license plate VAP-177 when she was hit by the passing car with license plate AYO-493 Leyla Chihuan. The accident caused damage to the bumper and fender of his taxi.

The mother explained that after the incident, the former congresswoman made several turns before parking near the park Arequipa Provincial Municipality, where Jenny caught up with her to complain about what had happened; However, Chihuan He claimed not to have noticed the accident.

Both women went to the police station and stayed there until 8 p.m. According to the ad Chihuan He mentioned that his insurance would only cover the costs if his responsibility for the accident was proven, so this Tuesday the 23rd the two vehicles had to pass the report at the headquarters of the person who caused the accident Transit police from It's burning. Jenny showed up, but Leyla Chihuan it has not.

Arequipa: What does the taxi driver say after allegedly being hit by Leyla Chihuán?

Given this situation, the mother fears that Chihuán will not bear the costs of the damage to her taxi, considering that she was the cause of the accident. In addition, Jenny emphasized that she is in a difficult economic situation as she rents the taxi to support her three children and still has to pay for a year and a half to complete the payment for the vehicle.

What did Leyla Chihuán say after she was reported for the accident in Arequipa?

For her part, the former congresswoman denied the accusation of distancing herself from the complaint, claiming that both units were subjected to an assessment on the day of the accident and were not convened for this Tuesday, the 23rd, as she indicated. Jenny Villalba. Accordingly Leyla Chihuan, they called her on January 25 to find out the outcome of the case. Chihuán assured that the insurance will cover the payments according to these results.