Taylor Swift alerts fans after appearing sick in Singapore 39She39s

Taylor Swift alerts fans after appearing sick in Singapore: 'She's fighting for her life'

Taylor Swift alerted her fans after she appeared to be ill in Singapore. Her followers were unsettled after the artist showed up sick at a concert she owned The Eras Touron Monday evening.

Swift, 34, appears in a video that began circulating on TikTok Cough and cleared his throat as he performed the song “Delicate” to the audience.

“I hope she is well”, “You can hear a hoarse tone in her voice, she also seems calmer and more reserved in her movements”, “The show must go on… a queen”, “I can only imagine how strenuous It has to be about giving 100% performance in every performance. It's unbelievable!” And “Homegirl fights for her life”were some of the public reactions.

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Taylor Swift He has three more shows planned in Singapore this week and will then have some time to breathe before heading to France in May to continue his successful world tour.

Taylor Swift signs controversial contract with Singapore

Taylor Swift is found in Singaporewhere she has already given three of the six agreed concerts in the national stadium, which was filled with fans of the successful singer.

However, the singer signed an agreement with the government authorities not to take action in other countries on the continent, as the news portal “TMZ” reports.

“Taylor will not be performing in other areas of the region, which has made Singapore a must-see destination for Swifties in Asia,” the aforementioned media reports.

The secret agreement was made Philippines, which expressed its outrage through one of its lawmakers. “It’s not about being a good neighbor. “It’s a very painful betrayal,” Joey Salcedo said.

Salcedo also publicly called on the country's Foreign Ministry to “file a protest against the subsidies Swift allegedly received to maintain a… Exclusivity agreement with Singapore“.

Taylor Swift and the NFL could be signing a hefty contract

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift They are the fashionable couple in the United States. So much so that the NFL considered making a lucrative deal with them after seeing the impact the singer's presence had on Kansas City Chiefs games.

And “this year, his presence is estimated to have helped generate a large sum of money, estimated at $700 million to $750 million,” an American League source told The Sun.

The NFL wants the singer to take over Halftime show of the sports spectacle Super Bowl 2025 and the organization plans to begin negotiations with her.

Taylor Swift could sing at the 2025 Super Bowl

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“If she's headlining next year's halftime show, she'll be expected to more than bring in 1.3 to 1.5 billion dollars“.

According to another insider, if Taylor Swift performs and the Chiefs reach the Finals for the third straight year, it will be “the biggest sporting event ever broadcast in the United States” and will boost viewership to a record 140 million.