Taylor Swift blocked in X Elon Musk39s very difficult decision

Taylor Swift, blocked in X: Elon Musk's very difficult decision SPORTS WORLD

The search engine Google does not deceive and points out Taylor SwiftShe is one of the personalities that generates the most interest among Internet users. However, this attraction increased disproportionately a few hours ago when a user – through the Artificial intelligence– created and uploaded sexual content to the networks. For this reason, X (Before Twitter) responded quickly and blocked searches to prevent the spread of these fake images and videos.

The week started off difficult for the pop star as she feared no one would be able to access her information. At the time of creation of the Terms “Taylor Swift” either “Taylor IA” In X, immediately says “news error,” which is due to the proliferation of AI-generated pornographic images on the Internet. This resulted in even legitimate content via Swift becoming more difficult to access on the platform.

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In the last few hours, her fervent Swiftie fan base has quickly mobilized and “launched a counteroffensive on the virtual planet” with the hashtag#ProtectTaylorSwift“to flood it with more positive images of the artist. Some said they reported accounts that shared deepfakes (videos, images or sounds manipulated by artificial intelligence to appear authentic and real).

The detection group Deepfakes Reality Defender He said he had uncovered an avalanche of non-consensual pornographic material depicting the American, particularly on the Bird's network. Some photos have also arrived FacebookOwnership of Goal, and other social media platforms. “Unfortunately, they spread to millions and millions of users, even as some of them were removed,” said Mason Allen, head of growth at Reality Defender.

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The researchers found more than twenty images created by AI. The most shared images were soccer-related and showed Swift painted or bloodied in a way that objectified her and, in some cases, did severe damage to her deepfake image.

A problem that is worryingly increasing

Elon Musk took over Twitter in exchange for $44 billion, an exorbitant sum that allows him to make decisions at will. Without going further, it reduced the resources allocated to content moderation and softened its policies to reflect the entrepreneur's ideals regarding freedom of expression.

This is an active marketplace for tools that everyone can use AI Create videos or images in the likeness of a celebrity or politician with just a few clicks. Although deepfake technology has been available for several years, recent advances in AI have made it easier to create more realistic images.

In this context, researchers admit that the number of explicit deepfakes has increased in recent years as the technology used to produce such images has become more accessible and user-friendly. In 2019, the artificial intelligence company released a report DeepTrace Labs showed that these images were predominantly used against women. Most of the victims were actresses, he said Hollywood and singer of Kpop.