Taylor Swift fake straight A text published in the

Taylor Swift, fake straight? | A text published in the New York Times causes controversy – La Presse

(New York) A text that speculates about Taylor Swift's sexual orientation has caused a stir on social networks, with many Internet users calling for its removal.

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Maggy DONALDSON Agence France-Presse

The column in question, which runs to about 5,000 words and was published on Sunday in the “Opinion” pages of The New York Times, hypothesizes that the American pop superstar identifies in a veiled way as a member of the LGBTQ community but publicly affirmed being heterosexual.

Neither the New York daily nor the agents of the 34-year-old artist, Time Personality of the Year 2023, responded to a query from AFP.

However, the controversial article was “intrusive, inaccurate and inappropriate,” commented an anonymous person close to Taylor Swift, quoted by CNN.

Many readers also responded with criticism of the New York Times, rejecting the idea that the American youth idol could be a lesbian who has not yet come out.

The author of the text, Anna Marks, compiles a long list of actions by Taylor Swift that are intended to suggest that she is “queer”.

The addition of all these facts “gives queer people the impression that she is one of them,” says the journalist.

Anna Marks gives the example of Chely Wright, an American country singer who admitted that she had to wait years before “coming out of the closet” for personal reasons directly related to her career.

Taylor Swift, adored by legions of fans – the “Swifties” – openly advocates for LGBTQ rights without ever identifying as queer.

On the contrary, over the years we have had romantic relationships with various male celebrities who created buzz in the celebrity pages of magazines.

The singer of Shake It Off, Anti-Hero and You Need To Calm Down, whose career began in Nashville, the cradle of country music, has been performing for several months with Kansas City Chiefs American football player Travis Kelce. on.

Now considered a feminist icon, she also shook up the music industry with a phenomenally successful tour.