Tesla made fun of its customers Owners regret their purchase

“Tesla made fun of its customers”: Owners regret their purchase, says a seller

A TikToker is appealing to Tesla car owners, saying the vehicle they may have paid six figures for is now available for much less.

In a recent video, Cheese (@thankucheese) takes aim at Tesla's Model S Plaid, claiming that people who have bought a Tesla in the last three years have “ruined themselves financially.”

His video has been viewed more than 37,000 times.

According to him, prices for 2021 models today are around $70,000 to $80,000 or between $95,000 and $108,000 Canadian.

“When these Plaids cars came out, they sold for around $150,000 (CAD$203,000),” points out Cheese, who mentions in his TikTok bio that he is a car salesman.

“Frankly, Tesla has hurt its customers by releasing the new models and lowering their prices,” he added.

Cheese said he may never buy a Tesla again and called the car market “volatile.”

Portal reported in 2023 that electric vehicle sales in the United States had increased but that Tesla's market share, which once dominated the sector, had fallen from 62% to just over half of the market.

Commenters largely agreed with Cheese's sentiments, and some weren't shy about expressing their disdain for Tesla.

“iPad on wheels, what are you waiting for? I’d rather walk than drive electric for the rest of my life.”

“Teslas are just cheap now. I just looked at a few and was surprised at how much a low mileage Model Y costs.”

“Sadly, Elon was wrong… If new cars are cheaper than used cars, the market will logically collapse.”