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Thank you angry phones for selling me a house cheap

The hate campaign waged by Anglo-Quebecians against the law decades ago 101 is now recovering with the spread of false information being circulated by leaders from the Quebec Community Groups Network.

The latter, like former Liberal MP Marlene Jennings, said during the Legault government’s Bill 96 debates that the English-speaking minority would be threatened with extinction if the bill were passed.

Since the late 1970s, the “Angryphones” have not taken off. Without batting an eyelid, they pretend their future is in jeopardy. That they can no longer be treated in their language and that one day the Legault government will tolerate systematic discrimination on Quebec soil.

Remember that during the first election of the Parti Québécois in 1976, 100,000 Anglophones left Quebec for English Canada. In 1977 I was even able to buy a house on the Montreal-Westmount border. The owners, two McGill professors, hinted that this prestigious university would one day be turned into a Francophone bastion by René Lévesque’s separatists. So I took advantage of their panic by buying this gorgeous home at a ridiculous price.


During the independence of many countries on the African continent, the affluent black class could afford the outrageously luxurious residences of the colonizing whites. This has been called the transfer of the bourgeoisie. The two McGill professors have accepted positions at a less prestigious Ontario university than McGill, which survives thanks to funding from the Quebec government.

Since then, Anglo-Quebecians have never stopped spouting nonsense and slandering the French-speaking majority in Quebec, whose status they refuse to recognize as a separate society.

And who funds all the English language institutions in Quebec? We, French speaking Quebecers. Let the Angryphones visit the French speaking communities outside of Quebec to see who is really at risk in Canada!

what a misfortune!

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