Thanks to the EU Fortnite will be available again on

Thanks to the EU, Fortnite will be available again on iPhone in 2024 – Frandroid

This turnaround is a big change, not just for Epic Games and Apple, but for the entire mobile app world.

Thanks to the EU Fortnite will be available again on

It's official, Fortnite is officially returning to iPhone in 2024 (the game has been kicked out of the App Store). And you know what ? All of this is thanks to a 180-degree turnaround in Apple's policy to comply with the European Union's new rules.

Epic Games, the publisher of Fortnite, has announced that they will be launching their own App Store on iPhone, similar to what they did on Android.

This news comes after a long legal battle between Epic Games, Apple and Google over the famous App Store and Play Store commissions.

In fact, Apple just revised its App Store policy. Now they are leaving the door open for third-party app stores on iOS devices. This is a big change from before, when only the Apple App Store was allowed and the commissions made people cringe.

Epic Games doesn't waste time

Epic Games doesn't waste time and announces plans to launch its own alternative app store for the iPhone. This means they can offer Fortnite directly to iPhone users without going through the App Store and without paying Apple's famous commissions.

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I accept everything

Previously, it was only possible to play Fortnite on iPhone through indirect means, such as cloud gaming.

This is great news for Fortnite fans! After having the game taken away from them on the iPhone due to the conflict over commissions, they can finally get back into the action. Epic Games is offering you a new way to play Fortnite directly through their alternative store.

Fortnite's return could inspire other developers to follow the same path

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