That39s what Pope Francis says quotWar is crazyquot And quotalways

That's what Pope Francis says "War is crazy" And "always a defeat"

Vatican City, January 3 (EFE). – Pope Francis today wanted to remember the people of the world who suffer from conflicts because “war is madness” and “always a defeat,” as he said at the end of the general audience Wednesday in the Paul VI Hall. of the Vatican.

“Let us not forget the peoples who are at war. War is madness. War is always a defeat. Always a defeat. Let us pray for the peoples of Palestine, Israel, Ukraine and so many other places where there is war,” the pope said. In front of the 4,000 believers present at the end of the audience.

“And let us not forget our Rohingya brothers who are being persecuted,” he added about the situation of the people of this ethnic group who are suffering persecution in Burma and in refugee camps in Bangladesh, where they are victims of an increase in crime and the imposed Restrictions are imposed by the authorities and the lack of hope.

In the new year, Francis said: “We ask God to give us a heart sensitive to the needs of the poor, refugees and victims of war. Through the intercession of Mary, Mother of God, I ask the Lord for the gift of peace.” .

The pope, who arrived at the grand Vatican hall with a cane for his first audience of 2024 and left in a wheelchair, was greeted with a wave of applause by those in attendance, who shouted cheers and chanted his name several times during the appearance. just.

During catechesis, Francis also referred to the need to regain “the ability to ask for forgiveness.”

“We are all sinners,” but “Jesus forgives everything,” “he never forgets to forgive,” he “just wants your open heart,” while “we often lose the ability to ask for forgiveness,” he said.

The Pope emphasized that “Jesus never leaves us alone,” “he is at our side to help us rise after sin,” and stressed that “the spiritual life of the Christian is not peaceful, linear and free of challenges, but on the contrary.” “The Christian life requires a constant struggle.”

“Life is made up of challenges, trials, crossroads, conflicting visions, hidden temptations and conflicting voices. Some voices are even convincing”, therefore “it is necessary to maintain inner clarity in order to choose the path that truly leads to happiness, and then strive not to let it get in the way”.

Therefore, “we are always divided and fighting between opposing extremes: pride challenges humility; Hate opposes charity; Sadness prevents the true joy of the spirit; Hardness of heart rejects mercy. Christians walk these tightropes all the time,” he said.

That's why “it is important to think about vices and virtues: it helps us overcome the nihilistic culture in which the lines between good and evil remain blurred, while reminding us that man is different from everyone else.” ” A creature can always go beyond itself, open itself to God and move towards holiness,” he concluded.