The 12 Labors of Hercule Dube

The 12 Labors of Hercule Dubé

The best sentence of the week comes from my friend Anne-Marie, who is a nurse.

“As we facilitate medical access to death, people are dying for lack of medical access to life… In any case, everything is fine! »

Admit it, there is no better way to sum up the situation!


In fact, the whole system collapses.

Education, justice, immigration…

And health of course.

Minister Christian Dubé has given himself three years to fix the health system in Quebec.

Much luck !

Because the task will be titanic.

We cannot go there in stages, in small increments. Everything must be completely changed! And at the same time !

at once !

Because everything is connected.

Why do we use private agencies? Because there is a lack of nurses in the network.

Why is there a shortage of nurses in the network? Because young people are not interested in becoming nurses.

Why are young people not interested in becoming nurses? Because they don’t want to be forced to work overtime.

Why do nurses have to work overtime? Because there is a labor shortage.

Why do we have a labor shortage? Because working conditions are pushing nurses to leave the public service and go to private providers.

And that the more nurses there are in the agencies, the fewer there are in the network etc. etc. It’s the dog chasing its tail.

Like the song about the guy who has a bucket with a hole in it but can’t plug the hole in his bucket because he has to cut straw with a blade that he has to sharpen with a wet rock to plug it and that he cannot draw water to wet his stone BECAUSE HIS BUCKET HAS A HOLE!

In short, you cannot change a link in the chain, you must change the whole chain!

Can you imagine the work?


This week on QUB radio I spoke to Natalie Saké-Doucet, a doctor of nursing…

She had a strong image to speak about the healthcare system.

Private agencies, she says, are like vultures in the desert, flying over someone dying of thirst.

No matter how hard you keep the vultures away, you won’t solve the problem: the guy will keep dying of thirst.

It is politically profitable to attack the agencies, says Ms Saké-Doucet. But the real problem is the poor working conditions in the health network.

This is what attracts agencies! Who rejects the boys! And that weakens the network!

And the worse the conditions are, the fewer nurses you have online and the more they go to the agencies…

In short, it’s squaring the circle.

Quebecers have great respect for Mr. Dubé.

But let me be skeptical about the three-year timetable.

I know it would help the CAQ get re-elected in 2026!

But that seems totally unrealistic to me.

The awakens and the weather

My friend Michel recently told me that waking is like the weather.

We always have to consider the “feel”.

Outside it’s -10, but basically the “feel” is like it’s -20.

The same goes for the guards.

When you make a joke, it may seem banal and harmless, but for a moment that little prank you so started on Twitter or Facebook is – with the “feel” – denounced as a terrible insult that deserves to be denounced become National Assembly.

Never underestimate the power of “feeling”!

The Quebec national anthem

In terms of health transfers, François Legault suffered another rebuff from Ottawa.

Forget Mon pays c’est l’hiver, by Vigneault.

Quebec’s national anthem is:

“Monday morning

François Legault boards a train

He’s going to Ottawa to meet Justin

But it wasn’t there

Francois Legault said:

“Since that’s the case, we’ll be back on Tuesday!”

Tuesday morning

François Legault boards a train

He’s going to Ottawa to meet Justin

But it wasn’t there

Francois Legault said:

“Since that’s the case, we’ll be back on Wednesday!”

Etc »

No matter how hard we knock, the door stays closed…

rites of a another time

When I was little, Verdun had bachelor parties every other day.

We tied a guy in the back of a truck, then drove him across town while his friends poured beer, ketchup, and mustard over his head.

It scared me and my sister.

Luckily we don’t do that anymore. We think it’s too wild…

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