1705716632 The 21 Venezuelans on the Forbes list of Latin women

The 21 Venezuelans on the Forbes list of Latin women to follow La Patilla

The 21 Venezuelans on the Forbes list of Latin womenDecency

This Thursday, January 18, Forbes Women presented the first edition of the list “The 75 Latina Women to Follow in 2024?”, including 21 amazing Venezuelan women.

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Businesswomen, entrepreneurs, managers, executives, chefs, guests and art collectors gathered in the rooms of the Santo Mauro Hotel to celebrate their Spanish lives while reclaiming their heritage.

Eliza Arcaya and Johanna Müller-Klingspor (restorers)

Johanna and Eliza knew each other in Venezuela and met again in Madrid. The first had experience in event organization; The second is about cooking and starting a business in Spain.

Together they opened the 17 restaurants Café Murillo and El Velázquez as well as Coolinaria catering, which has worked with all major brands (including Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, La Caixa). Eliza's big challenge was helping her son rehabilitate after a tragic accident. Johanna, for her part, is fireproof. This year Johanna will advise hotel groups that want to establish themselves in Spain.

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Magally Capriles (entrepreneur)

Magally and her two sisters came to Madrid in 2017 and founded Lamarca Well, a place for people with a healthy lifestyle that includes a gym, a healthy food cafeteria and a gym fashion store, all concentrated in the Las Salesas neighborhood, one of the best areas from Madrid.

There is also a digital platform where you can buy products, read and find out about all topics related to well-being. Magally, the daughter of real estate entrepreneur Miguel Ángel Capriles, studied law but discovered her true calling at the age of 22 after opening a boutique gym in Venezuela. Magally still lives in Madrid and is about to give birth to her second child.

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Emiliana de Oteyza + Patricia Pizzolante (psychologists and entrepreneurs)

Founded in 2018 by these two Venezuelan cousins ​​(along with the Spaniards Belén Ureña and Mercedes Gómez Badiola, both educational consultants), Beyond Education has become a reference to inform students about their ideal career and the perfect university for them it in Spain or abroad.

Through various tests and interviews with students and their parents, they discover their strengths, motivations and interests and suggest possible academic and professional paths that will enable them to achieve their full potential. In addition to Beyond Education, Patricia has established her private psychology practice offering in-person and online services. As a curiosity: Emiliana is the cousin of Carolina Herrera and Alexandra Kindelán, two other women on this list.

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