The 5 States With the Highest Stress Levels in the

The 5 States With the Highest Stress Levels in the United States: Do You Live in Any of Them?

In recent years, stress rates among people worldwide have increased. And although it was not previously given much importance, in reality it has become a topic of study. This is because every person suffers from stress at least once in their life. For this reason and based on the study of American Psychological Associationthe wellness brand Komowa a ranking created. He ranked them on the list US states Based on your stress level and taking into account factors such as number of hours worked, credit card debt, divorce rates and commute times.

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What are the most stressful states in the USA?


According to a study published by CNBC, Tennessee is the state with the most stressed residents USA. In addition, 24.4% of residents were found to suffer from depression and 15.5% reported a deterioration in their physical health over a given period.

When it comes to employment, Tennessee ranks third among states with the designation The longest working hours in the country. This situation forces its residents to face challenges ranging from Work 42.3 hours per week until you receive one low annual income. Additionally, it has been found that the vast majority of workers do their work from home, a factor that contributes to increased stress.

In addition, the research found that the average time it takes for a worker to travel to their workplace is also one of the longest, a factor that negatively impacts quality of life.

The 5 States With the Highest Stress Levels in the Tennessee has been identified as the state with the most stressed residents in the United States. Photo: Expedia

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Alabama follows Tennessee the second largest city with the highest stress rates in the country. This is because residents work long hours just to earn below average income. It is also the place with the highest divorce rate in the United States. UNITED STATES.

But an alarming fact that contributes to Alabama's position is that it is one of the states where people sleep fewer hours and there are fewer psychologists.

1709598441 308 The 5 States With the Highest Stress Levels in the Alabama is the second most money-related state and the fifth most family and work-related stress. Photo: Wikipedia


Continuing the rankings, a study published by CNBC states that Oklahoma ranks third among states with the highest rates of health-related stress. This is due to the limited accessibility of the healthcare system. Difficulties accessing medical care and high rates of chronic disease increase stress among residents.

Additionally, job instability caused by volatility in sectors such as oil and agriculture leads to financial insecurity. However, a really important factor is the frequency of natural disasters like tornadoes, which increase collective fear.

Social problems such as drug abuse and domestic violence also increase family stress. Therefore, it is important to improve services and community support to alleviate this stress.

1709598443 712 The 5 States With the Highest Stress Levels in the The constant threat of tornadoes is a source of stress for residents. Photo: La Nacion

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Louisiana experiences high rates of population stress due to several critical factors that impact the daily lives of its residents. From an economic point of view, the state has higher poverty and unemployment rates is in line with the national average, which represents significant financial pressure for many families.

Furthermore, we are struggling in this state high rates of chronic disease and a limited access to quality health services, which contributes to stress and anxiety. In addition, its geographical location makes it vulnerable to natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods, which cause not only material damage but also deep emotional impact on those affected.

Social problems, including Violence and crime, are factors that create more stress in citizens' lives. Taken together, they create an environment that can be stressful for Louisiana residents.

1709598445 509 The 5 States With the Highest Stress Levels in theAccording to CNBC, Louisiana is the fourth most stressed city among its residents. Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Due to a combination of economic, social and environmental factors, Nevada experiences high rates of exposure among its population.

The state's economy, which relies heavily on tourism and the hospitality industry, particularly in areas like Las Vegas and Reno, is particularly vulnerable to market shifts that cause this professional and financial instability for many workers who live there.

In addition, Nevada has The unemployment rate is above the national average, which increases the financial burden on residents. Mental health problems and limited access to health services also contribute to the general well-being of the population. Finally, this Extreme weather Staying in states with high temperatures and dry areas can be physically and mentally demanding.

1709598447 542 The 5 States With the Highest Stress Levels in theNevada is the state with the highest stress rate on record. Photo: Smartresize

Other states with the highest levels of stress in the United States

  • snowfall,
  • South Carolina,
  • Georgia,
  • Arizona,
  • West Virginia and Indiana.

Which states in the United States have the lowest stress levels?

  • Minnesota,
  • Utah,
  • NH,
  • South Dakota,
  • Massachusetts,
  • Iowa,
  • New Jersey,
  • Connecticut,
  • North Dakota,
  • Virginia.