The 78th UN General Assembly concluded with the addition of

The 78th UN General Assembly concluded with the addition of hopes and records: • Workers Workers of Cuba

The 78th United Nations General Assembly set a record attendance for the world’s most important political forum while reviving hopes for the 2030 Agenda, authorities said today.

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With the presence of 88 presidents, the largest attendance ever recorded, the general debate closed its doors this Tuesday after also bringing together 42 heads of government, four deputy prime ministers and another 50 speakers among ministers, deputy ministers and heads of delegations.

At the end of the session, the President of the Assembly, Dennis Francis, described the unity of nations as necessary and called for measures so that all states find within themselves the will to act in solidarity.

The major event included a hundred parallel events and two thousand bilateral meetings between representatives of member countries.

Photo: taken by PL

In addition, 21 women took the podium in the General Assembly Hall, where the representation of Burkina Faso recorded the longest speech of the year, while Rwanda gave the shortest speech at just over nine minutes.

Nearly 13,000 representatives and diplomats arrived at the UN headquarters in New York, while 2,500 journalists covered the meetings.

According to UN Under-Secretary-General Amina Mohammed, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) summit on September 18 and 19 represented a moment of hope and additional momentum ahead of the 28th COP28 climate summit.

However, he added that the week would have had a more tangible impact with the presence of the absent leaders of the Security Council’s permanent members: China, France, Russia and the United Kingdom.

Until the last moment, the high commitment of States was evident in the Political Declaration on the SDGs, a document that clearly shows collective support for the initiatives presented to analyze stimulus financing for global goals, he said.

There is a new momentum and mobilization to realize this desire through associations, companies, world leaders and more than 500 partners who marked the halfway point in New York toward the end of the term, the vice president said.

Mohammed praised the SDG action weekend with representatives from women’s groups, civil society, science and business as well as the Climate Ambition Summit and the three events on global health as other great moments.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)