The 8 trendiest hair colors 2024 Wink wink

The 8 trendiest hair colors 2024 | Wink, wink

In 2024, the color scheme offers a wide range of shades, ranging from the most natural to the most unusual.

Before you visit your hairdresser, check out the following for inspiration! Because a little change is always good.

Here are 8 ultra-trendy hair colors this year.

1. Iced tea

The arduous task of creating a color that was both warm and subtle was mastered with flying colors. Achieved by silver taupe accents on a golden beige background, this icy and sharp hue is the intersection of freshness and warmth. Class!

2. Cherry red

Dua Lipa is behind the growing popularity of this sexy color that doesn't go unnoticed and requires a lot of love. Visits to your colorist should not be neglected, nor should the quality of your styling products, which have a huge impact on the durability and quality of your extravagant red. Nobody wants a boring, sad red!

3. Smokey blonde

In addition to Rihanna's golden honey blonde and Beyonce's arctic blonde, we find a more subtle and delicate shade: smokey blonde, which appears ashy and dark. Love with balayage for an undeniable touch of depth.

4. Peach fuzz

The Pantone 2024 color is also exciting the hair world. Orange with a touch of pink and imbued with softness, this shade almost automatically implies discoloration. The perfect pastel for spring and summer!

5. Butterscotch

Ideal for a subtle change to your blonde, brunette or red hair! Butterscotch has the advantage of being suitable for everyone. It's impossible not to fall in love with its delicious, vibrant and welcoming side, with its warm, golden reflections that beautifully complement our sun-loving complexions.

6. Copper Cowboy

This flamboyant and bright back-to-school 2023 hair continues its rise. A very sunny copper color for ultra-stylish, fiery hair. In highlights or in total color!

7. Smoked Lavender

We love it, or we don't like it at all! One thing is certain, this color will not leave anyone indifferent. Smoky Lilac is a dark gray-brown with character. Its mauve accents add a more playful touch. Ideal for gray hair that needs a change!

8. Chocolate brown

The brunettes haven't said their last word yet. This deep and dark sophisticated color will undoubtedly highlight your sensual and elegant side.

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