The advice of her ex mother in law Monserrat Bernabeu

The advice of her ex mother in law, Monserrat Bernabéu, that made Shakira make the worst mistake of her life

The publication of the “Session #53‘ by Shakira in collaboration with the Argentinian producer bizarre sparked all sorts of reactions from fans and public figures, who took different positions upon hearing the latest beat of the Colombian who caused one shake media in the entertainment industry.

So they ran after the premiere of the most-listened-to song of the moment rumours of the possible distancing Come in Gerard Pique and his current girlfriend Klara Chia. And it is that the lyrics of the theme allude to the love triangle lived by the Barranquillera, as well as, names to his Ex mother in lawwhich has been in the eye of the hurricane in recent days due to the occurrence of a Video where the mother of the former soccer player can be seen doing it to silence a Shakira with the gesture ofsilence‘ she put her finger to her mouth, apparently showing that the relationship between the two women was not entirely good.

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The video of Monserrat Bernabéu silencing Shakira has sparked a new controversy.

In this sense, it was the singer’s fans who analyzed in depth the relationship between them Shakira Y piqueand among the jewels of the past they have found a statement of the mother of Sascha Y Milan that would give clues to the tightness that existed in between you and be Ex mother in law.

in 2012, Shakira publicly accepted that one of the most big of his life had consequences a Top aesthetics of you Ex mother in law, Montserrat Bernabeu. In an interview back then, the composer detailed the diverse looks she’d sported over the years and took the opportunity to make sure she would never take the advice of her grandchildren’s grandmother.

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Cutting her hair was “the worst mistake of her life”.

“Oh, that sucks! That’s a really bad haircut. That’s advice from my mother-in-law, who said to me, ‘Oh, why don’t you cut your hair! I feel very abused,’ and I said ‘ah, aha “. Worst mistake of my life. Mother-in-law, I will not take your aesthetic advice again,” the singer told the magazine Fashion in 2012 after she was spotted with short blonde hair

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Since then, Shakira has worn its traditional and spectacular hairwhich makes it clear that he never followed it advice from Monserrat Bernabeu.

The relationship of Shakira Y Bernabeu became relevant and the subject of debate when the Colombian named Piqué’s mother in her last song bizarreand also placed the figure of one on his balcony Witchits challenging Ex in-laws who are theirs Neighbors.