Ambulance cant go to her house I was extremely disturbed

The ambulance can’t go to her house: “I was extremely disturbed”

An ambulance going to Saint-Jean-Port-Joli could not reach its destination because of too steep a slope, to the astonishment of the mother, who had called for help.

Amélie Auger called emergency services at around 9:50 p.m. on February 13 because her eight-month-old boy was showing signs of shortness of breath.

“I acted immediately and it was still fast but to my surprise they got stuck at the top,” she explained. They didn’t think they could go up the coast, which is an urban coast though.

Although the incident did not involve her son this time, Ms Auger fears paramedics may not be able to help them on their next call.

“I was extremely upset because there was shortness of breath, but in case it was cardiac arrest, we watched as we pressed the stretcher into the rib, we didn’t really know how to react” , she said. We were shocked.”

She is not the only one affected by this situation.

“Other residents live here in the bay,” continued Amélie Auger. There are some who have very specific health issues and it is quite disturbing that we are the ones who have to climb the hill to access emergency services.

The mother of the family tried to contact the company Paraxion, head of the emergency services in this area, but could not give her an answer at the moment because the person in charge is not in the office at the moment.

“I contacted Paraxion and they said they would follow up in two weeks after the holidays,” she said.

The company did not respond to our interview requests.