The Baltic states will build defenses on their borders with

The Baltic states will build defenses on their borders with Russia and Belarus

The three Baltic states agreed on Friday to establish a joint “defense line” on the border with Russia and Belarus to deter possible military threats related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Estonian and Latvian defense ministries said.

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The Baltic defense ministers signed an agreement according to which “Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will build anti-mobility defense facilities in the coming years to deter and, if necessary, repel military threats,” said a press release from the Estonian ministry.

The text states that these are defense installations stationed “on the borders with Russia and Belarus”.

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According to his Estonian counterpart Hanno Pevkur, the need to carry out this joint project arises “from the current security situation”.

“Russia’s war in Ukraine has shown that in addition to equipment, ammunition and men, physical defenses on the border are necessary,” Mr. Pevkur emphasized in the press release.

Without elaborating on exactly which installations these are, the press release states that “elements on the ground support the activities of the defense units (…) in order to stop the attacker's troops if necessary.”

These elements, according to this text, “are positioned in the landscape taking into account the results of the analysis of the enemy’s intentions, the environment and the defense plan.”

The Baltic countries have been among Kiev's staunchest allies against Russia since the first day of Russia's attack on Ukraine.