The best moments of the sixth week of La Casa

The best moments of the sixth week of La Casa de los Famosos

In its sixth week, the House of Famous 3 has provided topics for conversation and everything: jealousy, surprises, discussions, seductions, tears of happiness, but also sadness and even feelings of guilt. If you missed it, here we share the best moments of this real-life soap opera. Get ready!


Monday has become the saddest day of the week for some. Aleida Núñez received the fewest votes and said goodbye to La Casa.

But she didn’t leave without singing her truths to Aylín because she hadn’t saved her.


and by the way Aylín, the actress experienced a rollercoaster of emotions. And it was mostly that she felt sad and mostly guilty that her friend was gone.

But she quickly switched from sadness to happiness, as luck was with her again and she won leadership of the house, this time shared with Osmel.

This ensured her a worry-free week of nomination.


Some that got everyone talking were Samira and Diego. The Argentine heartthrob made Arturo jealous, who doesn’t want to see him near Dania at all, he puts it between his eyebrows.

Arturo is so jealous that he asked Jose to separate Dania from Diego in the kitchen, which caused her a lot of discomfort as she feels controlled.

Samira was the protagonist of several discussions this week. First, he confronted Rey Grupero to make her very clear that he will not allow any gossip or gossip of any kind towards her.

Although we were later surprised when he used all of his seduction weapons in La Casa and the one who fell was Rey, leading to him wanting to steal a kiss from him.

Samira also argued with Paty and about the food, which left the actress very offended, who defended herself by saying that she wasn’t “hungry” as “what she worries about the most is that everyone eats”.

Food was definitely a topic of discussion and disagreement in the house this week.


A very emotional moment that united all the celebrities was Juan’s birthday. He received gifts from his fans, messages from his kids, a surprise visit from his mother and sister, and a celebration in style.


And to continue with the surprises, celebrities left us speechless with a runway show. El Potro and Manelyk were in charge of the presentation, while Osmel was the absolute judge for each of the looks: Cowboy Style, Summer Chic and Night Glam.

The fashion show kicked off the night’s most anticipated moment: Redemption. Osmel and Aylín agreed that Samira deserved a chance, leaving Jose, Rey Grupero and Diego in danger of being eliminated

Don’t miss the special Sunday edition of La Casa de los Famosos at 7pm/6C on Telemundo, where the experts will analyze the most impressive moments of the week and Paty Navidad will show her soul in La Curva de la Vida.