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The Best Picture Oscar Nominee You Haven't Seen Before Arrives on Prime Video: Release Date

Like every year Hollywood Academy has nominated ten candidates for the competition Oscar for best film (Will be clarified along with the other nominations at the next gala.) March 10th). The candidates are the following: Anatomy of a fall from Justine Triet, The area of ​​interest from Jonathan Glazer, Oppenheimer from Christopher Nolan, Barbie from Greta Gerwig, Past lives from Celine song, The Moon Killers from Martin Scorsese, They stay from Alexander Payne, poor creatures from Yorgos Lanthimos, Teacher from Bradley Cooper And American fiction from Cord Jefferson. All of the films mentioned above are already available in cinemas in Spain, some also on streaming. All but the last one.

American Fiction was not published anywhere. It was also one of the most surprising titles when it made the big shortlist (the Secrets of a scandal from Todd Haynes were a bit more solid, for example), which actually makes it a partially unknown title It won't even be in theaters. in Spain. Shortly after his nomination was announced, Amazon Prime Video announced that she would be responsible for the distribution of American fiction in our country, although she did not clarify when. The March 10th date is now approaching, but we finally have a release date. The streaming platform just announced it. Not very loud, it has to be said.

“American Fiction” premieres on Prime Video

The film will be released on Wednesday, February 27th on Amazon. She will be the last major candidate Oscar 2024 It managed to make it accessible to Spanish audiences after, for example, Poor Creatures (a big favorite) was released late in cinemas, namely at the end of January. It will take place a week and a half before Hollywood Academy is celebrating its big gala and it will be decided there which awards American Fiction can win. And Best Picture isn't the only one he's aiming for.

Oscar Awards

American Fiction part with 5 Oscar nominations. We have to add to Best Film best actor for Jeffrey Wright: he stands in front Paul Giamatti for those who stay, Cillian Murphy by Oppenheimer, Bradley Cooper by Maestro and Colman Domingo by Rustin. He is also nominated Sterling K. Brown (mostly known for his presence on the series This is Us), competing with Robert DeNiro in The Moon Killers, Mark Ruffalo in poor creatures and Robert Downey Jr. with Oppenheimer. Another very illustrious candidacy is that of Best Adapted Screenplaywhich Jefferson himself wrote based on the novel Delete from Percival Everettpublished in 2001.

In this case, American Fiction competes with Oppenheimer, Hotspot, Barbie and Poor Creatures. Finally, American Fiction's soundtrack was nominated alongside The Moon Killers, Poor Creatures, Oppenheimer and others Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

Trailer for “American Fiction”.

In parallel with the announcement of the release date of its catalog, Amazon took the opportunity to release a subtitled trailer for American Fiction, which you can watch below these lines.

This is your poster.

American Fiction poster.

American Fiction poster.

“American Fiction” – cast and synopsis

American Fiction is a satirical comedy Thelonius “Monk” Ellison as the protagonist, played by Jeffrey Wright. Monk is a bitter professor and aspiring novelist who writes a book about the black experience as a sarcastic revenge on the publishing world. strongly stereotyped, which aims to poke fun at the same stereotypes. To his surprise, the book proves a success and makes a confused monk famous.

The film aims to ironize American culture's current identity neurosis with Brown playing Monk's brother alongside him Tracee Ellis Ross And Issa Rae (Creator of Unsure And damn rap) in supporting roles. Jefferson, director and screenwriter, made his behind-the-camera debut with American Fiction after writing scripts for series of this caliber Guardian And The good place.

Jeffrey Wright in American Fiction

But,where did it come from American fiction, you ask? Even if someone likes it Ryan Johnson (Director of Daggers in the back), American Fiction is essentially an independent film that may have surprised a lot of people when it wanted to five Oscars. The fact is that even though American Fiction started its career strong when it premiered in 1997, distribution was apparently quite low Toronto Festival back in September 2023, and win Audience Award. Since then it has been regularly represented at several very renowned festivals.

American Fiction was also nominated Golden globe To Best Comedy Musical Film, at the same time that Wright was seeking the same acting award: they lost it to Poor Creatures and Paul Giamatti, respectively. Regardless of what happens at the Oscars, American Fiction also has a comfortable presence in the Oscar nominations Independent Spirit Awardswhich solves the problem February 25th.

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