The best places to buy used furniture

The best places to buy used furniture

When we think of looking online for treasures to decorate our home, we most often think of Marketplace and Kijiji. But there are companies and organizations that not only welcome customers locally, but also feed their social networks or online store with new arrivals, so you can do a little research before moving. Comfortable ! Here are three you should know about in the greater Montreal area.


This organization and boutique offers furniture of all kinds, household appliances and household items at great prices and has played a leading role in the Vallée-du-Richelieu commune since 2001. A loyal clientele looks for new arrivals – mainly donations from the region, Sainte-Julie, Saint-Bruno, Longueuil and Boucherville – presented twice a week in photos on their Facebook page. Are you interested in a piece of furniture? You have to be on the spot, because first come, first served, and transhipment and reuse of goods, their leitmotif, don’t wait. New treasures are constantly being added to this 10,000 square meter area.

▸ Meubletout is located in McMasterville.


In this more than 10,000 square meter cave of Alibaba, you can dig up almost everything: crockery, furniture, decorative items, sporting goods, books, musical instruments, paintings of all kinds, lamps, clothes, appliances, etc. Everything is well listed, dusted (the carpets are all cleaned) and labeled with the price and a color code. Example: Red for 25% off, Blue for 50%, Pink for 75%, etc. depending on how many days or weeks the item is on sale. The idea is to free up the space as much as possible to accommodate new items. The company is extremely active on social networks and the online store is regularly updated to offer new products.

▸ EcoDepot is located in Lachine.

Here you will find both used furniture and accessories as well as contemporary furniture such as dining sets, tables and chairs made of cherry wood that were used as display objects. The goods come from different sources: vacant houses, plots of land, closures of shops, hotels or restaurants or even equipment that was used during filming. An ideal place to find dining room furniture, lighting fixtures (used or exhibited) and antiques. 30% of their sales are made through their online store first. They also offer a revaluation service (for locally purchased furniture).

▸ is located in Mirabel.

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