The Bolivian President calls for unity in the change process

Bolivian President Luis Arce reiterated on Saturday that there is a process of change in the country that requires consistent struggle and unity among social organizations.


The President of Bolivia meets with the Foreign Minister of Venezuela

“Now more than ever, the process of change demands the unity of our social organizations, it demands more than ever this consistency in the struggle and of course we all know and it must be said clearly that there is only one process of change,” he assured the Bolivian head of state at one Act of the 52nd Anniversary of the Confederation of Trade Unions of the Original Intercultural Communities of Bolivia (Csciob).

Luis Arce pointed out that his government supports the social organizations that have laid the foundations of the process of change throughout their history by defending democracy.

In this spirit, he thanked the Bolivian people for their opposition to the de facto government of Jeanine Añez.

Accompanied by Vice President David Choquehuanca, Senate President Andrónico Rodríguez and several ministers, the President confirmed that thanks to the conviction and struggle of the Bolivian people, the victory of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) was obtained in the October elections 2020. , with more than 55.11 percent support to restore democracy.

The President reiterated his gratitude to the organization, which has a national presence, by affirming that his government is made up of “the people and for the people.”