The Border Collie dog plans the best way to wake

The Border Collie dog plans the best way to wake up to visitors, puts the plan into action and the best happens

Young Marnie's best friend Catherine was staying at her house. When it was time to wake up, she didn't need an alarm clock because Marnie's border collie was responsible for that task.

The pet is twelve years old and has a lot of energy, but she knew how to control her enthusiasm very well to wake up her owner's friend.

The dog paid attention to the visitor's wellbeing and was as careful as possible.

The border collie watches the visitor. (Photo: TikTok/@marniecatherine)

With a tender and friendly gesture, the pet won the sympathy of Internet users. This was added to the caption Marnie wrote about the video she shared on her social media.

“She makes it a point to be extremely polite when she wakes up my best friend [amiga para sempre].”

In the scene, the young woman is seen sleeping, then the dog, sitting at the foot of the bed, points its paw at the girl as if practicing how to wake her up.

After repeating this movement a few times, the border collie slowly approaches the young woman to wake her up.

So the girl wakes up and hugs the pet.

Border collie

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Border Collie is an exceptionally intelligent and energetic dog breed.

Originally native to the border between Scotland and England, this breed has become famous for its herding skills, including the famous mesmerizing “shepherd’s gaze.”

Her personality is loyal and dedicated to her family, although she can be reserved around strangers.

The border collie rehearses how he would wake up the visitor (Photo: TikTok/@marniecatherine)

The energy of these dogs is remarkable and they need daily physical and mental exercise to be happy.

They are also known for forming close and loving bonds with their owners.


The video of this adorable scene has garnered more than 13 million views and thousands of comments.

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A Tiktoker shared her experience with this breed: “Border Collie is the most gentle and polite breed I have ever had. First it was fire, then… just love.”

Others praised the pet's behavior:

“What a beautiful little thing, this little princess and this little look?! Aaah …,” explained one user.

“She is so precious,” wrote another.


This dog is too cute!

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