The boss39s message about what happened to Carlos Gomez in.webp

The boss's message about what happened to Carlos Gómez in La Casa de Los Famosos 4

This was the chief's message to the residents after what happened to Carlos Gómez:

Residents, there was physical contact last night. As everyone knows, in this competition it is unacceptable even before entering the house, such a situation is strictly prohibited. For this reason, I was forced to punish Carlos Gómez by permanently expelling him from the competition. I hope that everyone realizes how serious the case is, that a line was crossed this evening, which of course should not be repeated. I emphasize: It was no longer a heated discussion, there were no differences between the groups or personal arguments. There was intentional physical contact and there is no going back. I hope that this is a learning experience and a stop to an escalation of verbal violence that does not in the least benefit you as public figures and is far from the spirit that I want in my house, where I strive for harmonious coexistence. and respect. I hope that it will be a night of reflection and from this moment on represents a turning point in this cycle so that you can continue to enjoy your stay and at the same time the public can enjoy it. Good night.

The boss