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'The Boys' Erin Moriarty slams plastic surgery claims, quits Instagram

Erin Moriarty wants to clear the air about “fake news” about her alleged plastic surgery.

Moriarty, known for her role as Starlight on “The Boys,” took to Instagram to share her reaction to former Fox News personality Megyn Kelly, who criticized her for allegedly undergoing plastic surgery at such a young age. Moriarty denied that she had ever had plastic surgery and said that Kelly's spreading of this untrue account was “bullying.” As a public figure, Moriarty explained that whenever she makes a subtle change to her appearance, she always expects negative comments. Still, she was unprepared for Kelly to use her platform to further the plastic surgery rumors, which she did by comparing two pictures of Moriarty and criticizing her appearance.

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“This is something I really never expected when I wrote it. We are all victims of bullying throughout our lives, but I am horrifiedand I felt like I deserved to take a second to address these things,” Moriarty wrote. “To receive a message about a Horribly wrong, counterproductive and even ironically misogynistic video like Megyn Kelly commented on in this way – learning how widespread this is horrified me. Megyn, in her opinion, used a photo that was taken “a year ago” and was actually taken about a decade ago as an example, before I was of legal drinking age (I'm about to turn 30). It’s shocking how completely misinformed, inaccurate and addicted to clickbait the people we follow and think are informed are.”

Moriarty then explained The “after” photo used was taken on a day when she had her makeup done, which involved “major contouring.” because she was stressed at the time and just hoped she would get better. She noticed some negative comments online at the time, but as Megyn Kelly continued to spread the plastic surgery rumors, things have now gone too far. As Moriarty said, “I saw the comments that were scathing enough to just turn off my comments.” But that becomes a nuisance. This becomes a hoax.

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The Starlight actress then announced that she was leaving Instagram, although she left her account activated so her statement would remain on hold. While she viewed social media as her way to connect with her fans, she found that she was too.I am appalled by the response, the reductive assumptions and the video mentioned above, which is a prime example of such harassment.She continued: “It broke my heart.” You have broken my heart. You have lost permission for this account.”

“I was in a hole and consumed by this personal situation,” Moriarty concluded. “You never know what someone is going through, social media is a platform that is not representative of a whole person and regardless, there is no excuse for the words spoken directly to me or about me. Shame on you, Megyn Kelly.” Shame on you, Fox News (vought incarnate). The claim that my photo shows that women are worse off is as false as my belief that resigning would leave women in a better place.

In the caption, Moriarty clarified that Megyn Kelly is no longer at Fox News because the “Boys” star didn't want to be “the one reporting false information.” She also received support from her “The Boys” co-stars. Chace Crawford, who plays The Deep, responded with a heart emoji. Hughie Campbell actor Jack Quaid also wrote: “I love you Erin. Screw the haters.”

Megyn Kelly criticized Erin Moriarty in a YouTube video

On January 17, Megyn Kelly opened up about Erin Moriarty's physical appearance for an edition of The Megyn Kelly Show podcast. Kelly claimed that Moriarty “decided to completely change her face.” She assumes her lips, nose and cheeks have been worked on. Noting that the number of people undergoing plastic surgery at such a young age appears to have increased, Kelly commented on the situation: “It's not about objecting to plastic surgery.” It's about the obsession with turning into this false version of yourself… I think it’s a sign of mental illness.”

The video can be viewed below and Moriarty's full statement can be read on Instagram.

Source: Erin Moriarty on Instagram

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