The British Crown assured that Kate Middleton is developing positively

The British Crown assured that Kate Middleton is developing positively after abdominal surgery

The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton (Europa Press)

Kate MiddletonThe Princess of WalesThe “Good” after a Abdominal surgery This week, a royal source reported this Thursday, while the King Charles is too “Good” before treatment for a Prostate enlargementsaid his wife, Queen Camilla.

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Kate, 42, was admitted to the private London hospital for surgery on Tuesday. His office, Kensington Palacesaid that the procedure was a Successbut should stay in between 10 and 14 days in the hospital before we return home.

No details were revealed about his illness or the operation, but a royal source said it was due to his condition It wasn't cancerous..

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Her husband, the Prince WilliamThe 41-year-old, who has postponed several public appearances while Kate recovers, was photographed leaving hospital after a visit on Thursday.

Prince William leaves the London clinic where his wife Kate, Princess of Wales, is hospitalized for abdominal surgery (Portal/Hannah McKay)

Kensington has said it will only provide updates when they are available “meaningful new information to share”. He added that it was unlikely that Kate did that three children Until then, return the heir to the throne to his public duties Easter.

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The palace also noted that the princess “would like to apologize to anyone who fears that she will have to postpone her upcoming engagements.”

The announcement of Kate's operation on Wednesday was quickly followed by a statement received from King Charles, 75 Treatment of benign prostate enlargement.

He has to go to the hospital next week to undergo surgery “corrective procedures” and, on the advice of his doctor, he was forced to postpone a number of planned engagements to allow him a short period of recovery.

King Charles of England attends the royal family's Christmas service at St. Mary Magdalene Church (Portal/Chris Radburn)

His wife Camilla told reporters on Thursday that he was “doing well” and “looking forward to getting back to work” while she visited the Aberdeen Art Gallery in Scotland.

Royals do not usually reveal the details of their illnesses as they consider all medical matters private, but Charles wanted to share the details of his illness Encourage other men who are experiencing symptoms to get checked.

As the British broadcaster BBC announced on Wednesday, The reason for Kate's admission and operation was not cancer. The Princess's other outstanding commitments altered by this incident include a planned trip to Italy.

According to the media, the Prince of Wales will not undertake any official duties while Kate remains in hospital and recovering at her home in Windsor, on the outskirts of London.

William will spend the next few weeks spending time with his wife and looking after their three children, while the princess' family will support her in her recovery, the media added.

The last few years have been intense for the Princess of Wales, such as the death and funeral of Elizabeth II (who died on September 8, 2022) and the coronation of King Charles III. in May 2023.

Kate and William, who met at Scotland's University of St. Andrews, married in a religious ceremony at Westminster Abbey (London) in 2011.

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