The CAQ doesnt need your vote pleads PSPP

“The CAQ doesn’t need your vote,” pleads PSPP

On the eve of the election, the leader of the Parti Québécois admits that the Avenir Québec coalition risks having a majority on Monday night. From Gaspé to Jonquière, he urges voters to elect as many pro-independence MPs as possible to form a strong opposition to François Legault.

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“The CAQ doesn’t need your vote. But independence, defending France and defending our regions, yes,” declared the PQ leader.

Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, out and about in eastern Quebec on this final day of the campaign, is hoping he can salvage the furniture at the Gaspé, Duplessis and Jonquière stables, which are traditionally not insured by him.

Accompanied by outgoing Gaspé elected representative Méganne Perry Mélançon, the leader admits the odds of winning certain PQ rides are uncertain.

“We don’t want to take anything for granted,” said the PQ leader, motivated by his Montreal rally on Saturday evening.

“The future of the independence movement is in the hands of Quebecers,” he added, returning to Sept-Îles later in the day. “Choose according to your beliefs,” he pleaded.

good campaign

According to the latest Leger poll, 31% of respondents said PSPP ran the best campaign. A feeling that, however, does not lead him to win elections.

“There is still an unusual situation. The sympathy, the appreciation for our campaign is reflected in the numbers and in the field reports. The fact that the CAQ will be re-elected also seems to be becoming increasingly clear. And the vast majority of Quebecers agree that it is not in our interest to give the CAQ near-absolute power,” he said, reiterating his intention to form a strong opposition. “I challenge people. Send Separatist MPs to the National Assembly!”


In 15% of voting intentions, admit there will be multiple key battles in multiple regions.

“We are the only party that stood up,” the PSPP recalled. His party started the election campaign with a measly 9% voting intentions. Over the past week, it has stabilized at 15% for a total gain of six points.