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The Château de Clermont au Cellier, the last oasis of peace by Louis de Funès

In Loire-Atlantique, in the commune of Cellier, Louis de Funès lived his last sixteen years on a magnificent estate before he died in 1983. Today his 40-hectare park is changing hands.

A page turns in this city of almost 4,000 residents. Safer, a company for land development and rural settlement in the Pays de la Loire, is now the owner of the Clermont Castle Park in the commune of Cellier in the Loire-Atlantique department.

According to “Figaro”, on February 22, this company, which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Finance and is responsible for a mission of general interest, famously inspected the 40 hectares of the estate of this majestic 17th century residence , adopted for being the discreet refuge of Louis de Funès during the last sixteen years of his life.

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1 million euros at auction

Acquired after his death, the property adjacent to the castle remained open to the public. But the announcement of a planned sale in 2022 sparked an outcry from associations concerned about possible privatization of the property, which consists of a small forest and meadow.

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The building doesn't move. The property, which is now divided into several private houses, was purchased by the famous actor at auction in 1967 with its wooded park for more than one million euros. As the residence was uninhabited for six years and was in poor condition at the time of sale, it requires extensive work and restoration.

Clermont Castle, January 28, 1983.

The Château de Clermont, January 28, 1983. AFP / © HELENE CAYEUX

The actor has a green thumb on the property

But after two years of patience, Louis de Funès can finally enjoy peace at his wife's side, far away from filming and the hustle and bustle of Paris.

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The emblematic actor of “La Grande vadrouille” (1966) and his wife even share the tasks: she with the restoration and he with his hands in the ground. With a passion for botany, this character from popular comedies pampers 25 acres of gardens on the property, including a rose garden.

After a double heart attack in 1976, Louis de Funès left his Paris apartment in the 17th arrondissement to settle full-time at the Château du Cellier.

But on January 27, 1983, the listed building housed the last breath of the monster of French cinema. Louis de Funès suffered a final heart attack at home before dying in Nantes University Hospital. As a final resting place, the star's body will be buried in the Cellier Cemetery.

The burial of Louis de Funès in the cemetery of Cellier (Loire-Atlantique), January 29, 1983.

The burial of Louis de Funès in the cemetery of Cellier (Loire-Atlantique), January 29, 1983. © SIPA

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