The Chilean national coach spoke about Gareca39s possible arrival quotThere

The Chilean national coach spoke about Gareca's possible arrival: "There is no agreement with anyone"

At the moment, the Chilean team has not yet defined its new coach. Around, Rodrigo Robles, Chile national coachassured that discussions were being held with various technical commands – including Ricardo Gareca – but rejected any advantage the Argentine coach had over other options.

Ricardo Gareca has no advantage over the candidates for the leadership of Chile

In recent weeks, various technicians have been suggested as possible options to take over the Chilean bank. However, Rodrigo Robles recently stated in a conversation with the media that there is still no agreement with the next strategist.

“There is no agreement with anyone. In fact, there is no financial offer for anyone. Furthermore, no money was discussed with any of the coaches. It was more of a presentation of sporting projects by the coaching staff and us.” are in this process.”

Likewise about the possibility that Gareca He took over the technical leadership and emphasized that he had no advantage over other trainers because all alternatives presented formal proposals. “I absolutely rule that out, I don’t want to personalize it out of respect for the other coaches. I would tell you that none of them have an advantage over the others,” he added.

Who are the candidates for the leadership of Chile?

After arriving in Argentina, Pablo Millad, president of the ANFP of Chile, said they had spoken to them Ricardo Gareca, Nestor Pekerman and Diego Alonso. Especially with regard to the former coach of the Peruvian team, he emphasized his good disposition.

I spoke to Ricardo Gareca, a good technician. We also talked to others. We also met with José Néstor Pékerman and Diego Alonso is on the list“, he emphasized to the media.

Is Gabriel Milito an option to lead Chile?

According to TNT Sports, Gabriel Milito It is also an alternative to wear the jersey of the Chilean team, since Gareca and Pekérman would not have reached an agreement for economic reasons.

Gabriel Milito is an option to lead Chile.  Photo: X

Gabriel Milito is an option to lead Chile. Photo: X

“Gabriel Milito appeared as the main option to take over the technical direction of La Roja,” they wrote on their Twitter account.