The Circle of Snows Netflix Did you know that crash

The Circle of Snows (Netflix): Did you know that crash survivors appear in the film? – Télé leisure

“The Snow Circle” is a real hit on Netflix! The film is based on a true story and does not only feature actors. Several survivors of the Fuerza Aéra Uruguayan Flight 571 crash appear there.

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The film “Circle of Snow,” which was uploaded to Netflix on January 4th, is currently in second place in the ranking. A success that lasts ten days and tells the true story of the accident of Fuerza Aéra Uruguaya 571 flight. On board was a Uruguayan rugby team that was due to fly to Chile for a series of games. After the plane crash, they found themselves in the middle of the Andes, where they had to survive the cold and hunger through cannibalism. An ordeal that lasted 72 days until help arrived on site. Of the 45 passengers, only 16 survived.

The Circle of Snows (Netflix): The film stars several survivors

“The Snow Circle” is an adaptation of the book by Pablo Vierci, who was the first to collect the testimonies of 16 survivors. It was also the author who put director Juan Antonio Bayona in touch with the survivors of the crash. Several of them can also be seen in the film on the streaming platform with the red logo. This is the case of Fernando Parrado, nicknamed Nando, who traveled 60 kilometers on foot from the crash site to the valleys of Chile to get help. He appears at the very beginning of the film and opens the door to Agustín Pardella, the one who plays him on screen. Roberto Canessa, who sought help with Nando, appears at the end of the film in a doctor's costume when the survivors arrive at the hospital.

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The Circle of Snows (Netflix): A total of eight survivors appear on the screen

In addition to Roberto and Nando, six other survivors of the crash secretly appear on the screen. Daniel Fernandez Strauch can be seen in the church during the scene. José Luis Nicolás Inciarte appears in a bar. Antonio Vizintín takes part in the scene that takes place at the airport, as does Ramón Sabella. Joaquin de Freitas Turcatti is seen riding his bike, while Carlos Páez plays the role of his own father, who had the difficult task of calling the names of the survivors on the radio.

Article written in collaboration with 6médias.