The clash between Athletic and Barcelona in the Copa del

The clash between Athletic and Barcelona in the Copa del Rey and four other proposals that you can see on TV today

Athletic and Barcelona meet in La 1 in the Copa del Rey quarter-final duel. On Antena 3 comes the second date with the series Serial Lover. La Sexta broadcasts a new episode of the Generation TOP competition. In the field of cinema, two masterpieces, the adaptation of the memorable comic Persepolis and the space adventure of Alfonso Cuarón in Gravity.


2:25 p.m., Be crazy

Gravity, by Alfonso Cuarón

USA, 2013 (90 minutes). Director: Alfonso Cuaron. Actors: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney.

The astonishing directing work of Mexican Alfonso Cuarón (and Gravity's extensive technical team) uses technical and digital advances to create an unusual film. Beyond its possible space story category, Gravity initially masquerades as a realistic drama and later almost as an adventure film. Furthermore, his overwhelming expertise and the harrowing development of his protagonist's cosmic adventures do not hide a juicy reflection on loneliness and the proximity of death. Cuarón's achievement lies in playing with the spectacularity of his astral setting in order to later heighten the fear that imprisons his protagonists in the confines of a space capsule. The visual and dramatic impressions that the film conveys, which are rarely seen on a screen, leave the viewer both excited and exhausted.

Athletic-Barcelona in the King's Cup

9:30 p.m., 1

Athletic Barcelona

The San Mamés Stadium will host the quarter-final match of the Copa del Rey between Athletic and Barcelona. A duel between the two clubs with the most cup wins on their record, to which the Bilbao team comes in good shape, in third place in the league tournament and with the same points as their rival. The Blaugrana come after the Unionistas de Salamanca were eliminated in the round of 16.


10 p.m., Movistar drama

Persepolis, by Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud.

France, 2007 (95 minutes). Directors: Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud.

Marjane Satrapi's memorable comic becomes a magical and moving film that paints a harsh autobiographical portrait of a young Iranian girl coming of age in the Ayatollah's Iran. Persepolis is of course a cry for freedom, but also a hymn to the dignity of women and a profound family melodrama full of political commitment. His images, always fair, always clean, move between abstraction and simplicity and result in the most haunting realism.

Another appointment with “TOP Generation”

10:30 p.m., sixth

Ana Blanco presents Operation Top on La Sexta

In this episode, the “Generation TOP” competition, moderated by Ana Pastor, once again presents numerous celebrities of different ages who have to demonstrate their knowledge of sports, history, politics, music, cinema or social networks. Fernando Romay, Boris Izaguirre and Norma Duval will represent the “Yeyé” generation, Amaya Valdemoro, Iñaki Urrutia and Valeria Vegas will represent the “Guay” generation and Angy Fernández, Jorge González and Carla Campra will represent the “Like” generation .

Second part of “Serial Lover”

10:45 p.m., antenna 3


The second part of the series “Serial Lover”, which focuses on the life of a con artist who assumes multiple identities and is primarily dedicated to stealing women, is full of conflict for its characters. In Paris, Roman unexpectedly meets Agathe, Mathilde's daughter, which complicates their relationship, especially since they are about to take a romantic trip to the island of Réunion.

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