1709586033 The connection with David proves Yasmin Brunet39s egocentrism

The connection with David proves Yasmin Brunet's egocentrism

Splash Show host Yas Fiorelo criticized the model for being hurt when Davi called her “useless” in the last Sincerão. “I'm sorry, but if the person has no use in the game, they are useless! Yasmin is very offended by this term, she found it disrespectful, but they have already called Davi a sociopath, a brat…”

For Yas, Yasmin's commitment to the Bahians primarily reflects the egocentrism of Luiza Brunet's daughter. “It's much more a question of ego than anything else. Yasmin felt insulted by what Davi said about her, but she also insulted him several times. So, my love, play along!”

The presenter also criticized Leidy for acting as a “friend” of Gabriel Medina’s exwife. “What a disappointment it is for Leidy Elin, the 'widow' of Wanessa Camargo, to comfort Yasmin Brunet! You leave São Gonçalo to comfort a rich man.” [no BBB] Just kidding! You and Lucas can help us drool over star eggs!”

Lucas Buda's wife steals the achievement he failed to achieve within BBB 24

The connection with David proves Yasmin Brunet39s egocentrism

Camila Moura jumped from 1,000 to 1.5 million followers after her husband Lucas Henrique, 29, flirted with Giovanna Pitel, 24, on BBB 24 (Globo). When Camila realized that she was being cheated on by her brother, she published posts with torn photos of him and made it clear that the relationship was over.