The controversy surrounding the Fuori dal Coro investigation develops into

The controversy surrounding the Fuori dal Coro investigation develops into a dispute between Fedez and Salvini. And the rapper shows a surprising ally: Saviano

The controversy continues – exclusively on social media – over the diatribe between Fedez and the Mediaset journalist yesterday Mario Giordano, following the service on the rapper’s alleged homosexuality that the host of Fuori dal Coro allegedly commissioned from one of his journalists. Minister Matteo Salvini took over the defense this morning from Giordano – who denied what Fedez reported last night. «People who claim freedom, talk about freedom, say they defend freedom and then insult, mock, insult. Friendship and Solidarity a Mario Giordano, giant in journalism and in life», wrote the chairman of the League. A few hours and the rapper responded his way, this time via Twitter, posting a photo of himself with another nemesis by Salvini: the writer Roberto Saviano. “We laughed a lot about the journalism giant,” wrote Fedez ironically in response to the minister’s statement.

The Investigation of Discord

Last night, the rapper lashed out at the TV show after a journalist attempted to explore his sexuality and asked childhood friends if it was him Cheerful Or less. Warned by some of them, the singer decided to call the reporter in question, record the call and share some clips between stories. Giordano then denied it with a post on Instagram from the broadcast site. But Fedez reciprocated and also shared the part where the offending journalist explained that everything would be broadcast on Fuori dal Coro. When asked by Fanpage, the director confirmed that there were no investigations into the matter, but said it was possible “crazy splitter», suggesting that the reporter would have acted independently.

The reactions of centre-right politicians and commentators

In his stories on Instagram, the rapper also launched personal attacks against the Mediaset journalist: “I’m asking you: I want to know if Mario Giordano He still has his testicles attached to his scrotum. I’ve been wondering that all my life, and I think a lot of people are asking it. Bye Marietto, bye Marietto». Phrases that have sparked reactions from centre-right politicians and commentators who have taken to social media to support the journalist. Salvini was followed by tweets Hora Borsellithe the «bully» past the rapper, past the columnist Francesco Giubilei until Diego Fusaro: «Fedez vs. Mario Giordano: ‘In the scrotum…’. Shocking insults in Fuori dal coro” (“Il Tempo”). But weren’t they the rainbow guerrillas for inclusion and for the ban on hate speech? But the reactions of many, including fans and simple users, were unleashed on Twitter. «Fedez scolds Mario Giordano, saying that he and Fuori dal Coro “are the cesspool of journalism and sucks”, even making fun of his voice. You do well to rinse your mouth out,” notes one user.

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