The country that exported 700 million flowers for Valentine39s Day

The country that exported 700 million flowers for Valentine's Day is in South America: which country bought the most?

Amid the global celebration of Valentine's Daya South American country emerges as Power in flower exports and conquers large international markets. With the arrival of February 14th, this country became a floral epicenter, catapulting its industry onto the world stage and revealing its country's agricultural and commercial power.

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Which country exported 700 million flowers for Valentine's Day 2024?

Colombiaknown for its abundant biodiversity and agricultural excellence, is considered the leading country in export of this product to celebrate Valentine's Day in 2024. With an impressive record of 700 million tribesThe coffee-growing country exceeds expectations, shipping a total of 52,000 tons of carnations, roses, hydrangeas, lilies and other flowers to more than 100 international markets.

Colombia |  Colombian flowers |  Flower export |  AsocolfloresThe value of Colombia's exports has increased since 2023. Photo: Alamy

Where did Colombia export the most flowers for Valentine's Day 2024?

The main target of Colombia's Valentine's Day flower exports is USAa market that, unlike Colombia, is all about color and scents this holiday.

“It’s Valentine’s Daya holiday that originated in the United States. It is mainly celebrated there. This is a marginal celebration that has increased but represents very little of the total turnover, probably 2%,” commented the president of Asocolflores, Augusto Solano.

In addition, the American country has been consolidating itself as a main market for years, as about 79% of the Colombian flowers The quantities produced for export will be directed to US soil from 2023, thereby defying competition from neighboring countries such as Ecuador and Chile.

Which departments produce the most flowers in Colombia?

The main production departments in the country are Cundinamarcawith a participation of 71%, followed by Antioquia with 27% more than 50 species and 1,600 types of flowersand consolidates itself as a leading provider in the flower industry.

Colombia |  Colombian flowers |  Flower export |  AsocolfloresMother's Day and Valentine's Day account for 30% of Colombia's flower exports. Photo: week

Colombia, second largest flower exporter in the world: why is that?

According to the Statista portal Colombia is the second largest flower exporter in the world, just behind the Netherlands, due to its commitment to quality and floral diversity strategic location in South America. This tropical country has been able to capitalize on its wide range of certified species and varieties, conquering international markets and competing with floral powers such as Ecuador, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Colombia |  Colombian flowers |  Flower export |  AsocolfloresThe rose is the type of flower that is sold most abroad. Photo: EP

Last year, Colombian flower exports exceeded 1,661 million of dollars towards USA, this is their main market. This is followed by Canada with $67.7 million, the United Kingdom with $64.5 million and the Netherlands with $55.7 million. A share of 2.4 percent in Japan with an export value of 47.1 million dollars should also be highlighted. Of these, 92 percent of flowers are shipped by air while the remaining 8 percent are transported by sea.

Next to the Colombian floral industry It is not only a driving force for exports, but also for job creation. Direct, employs 200,000 peopleduring during the seasons of Valentine's Day either Mother's Day An additional 27,000 workers will be hired for various tasks such as cultivation, harvesting, packaging and transportation.

Colombia |  Colombian flowers |  Flower export |  AsocolfloresCanada is also a strong flower export market for Colombia. Photo: EFE

How much does it generate and what is the process of transporting flowers from Colombia to the United States?

The transfer of flowers from Colombia to the United States represents a large logistics operation that is characterized by efficiency and precision. With more than 90% of flowers are exported by airThe airport Miami International It is the main entry point for these exquisite products. Here about 90% of everyone Flower Imports to the United Stateswhich guarantees the end consumer its quality and freshness.

“With about 18,000 tons transported from Colombia and Ecuador to the USA, Avianca Cargo doubles its regular capacity for this product and operates around 300 flower flights during the season,” the airline told the Voz de América portal.