The crocodile was captured swimming on a Florida road after

The crocodile was captured swimming on a Florida road after Hurricane Ian

However, Hurricane Ian has left hundreds of moments of tension and fear in its wake. Despite the fact that the restoration of the affected areas was supposed to start after the storm passed, people have encountered another obstacle that scares some, the wild animals on the devastated roads.

Well, while the first animal to cause fear was the sharks, which were caught swimming in the flooded residential areas off the Florida coast, a video showing some crocodiles swimming or seen on the populated streets has now gone viral.

Apparently, there are already several videos where people are surprised by the presence of these animals. However, it was a situation It had already been warned before the storm by environmental authorities, urging the community not to approach or threaten them.

Even the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) issued a statement adding bears and snakes in addition to marine animals that can be found during floods. “You’re more likely to see alligators, snakes and bears, so remember to stay alert and give them space.”stated the organization.

Amid the chaos caused by the hurricane’s passage, Florida citizens were also surprised when a shark swam the streets amid the flooding.

The footage was captured by a young man named Brad Habuda. who lives in Fort Myers. “Somehow a shark landed in a Fort Myers neighborhood during Hurricane Ian,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Sharks are reported to be swimming in the city streets,” pointed out the @rawsalerts account after sharing the video on the aforementioned social network. “Sharks have been reported swimming in the streets of the city of Fort Myers,” she added.

It’s worth noting that Florida authorities had warned that alligators, snakes, bears and even sharks could appear amid the flooding, which eventually happened.

44 dead amid devastation in Florida from Hurricane Ian

The number of deaths from Hurricane Ian in the state of Florida continued on Saturday, peaking at 44. Authorities reported while the powerful phenomenon is expected to dissipate on Sunday night.

There are now 44 deaths attributed to Hurricane Ian.” reported the District of Florida Commission of Medical Examiners, most for drowning and mostly elderly.

However, there have been multiple reports of additional deaths from county to county, suggesting a higher number.

President Joe Biden and his wife Jill will travel to Florida to assess the damage caused by one of the strongest storms in the United States.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tweeted that Biden will arrive Wednesday after his Monday visit to Puerto Rico, where another hurricane, Fiona, struck the island last month.

Rescue workers were still searching for survivors Saturday in flooded neighborhoods and along the state’s southwest coast, where homes, restaurants and businesses were torn apart as a powerful Category 4 hurricane Ian made landfall.

*With information from AFP.