The Dark Side of the Moon celebrates its fiftieth birthday

“The Dark Side of the Moon” celebrates its fiftieth birthday

The legendary Pink Floyd album The Dark Side of the Moon celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and will be the subject of a re-release and a special edition.

With over 45 million copies sold, it is the third most popular album of all time in terms of sales.

According to music columnist Mike Gauthier, all the elements were in place to make it a success.

“It came at the right time in the ’70s when there was a new generation of music lovers,” he explains. The cover is legendary, there was also the mystery told through the words of Roger Waters, with the execution of the four musicians also on the album. The combinations were all there and the result was the third best-selling album of all time.”

It was also one of the first “concept albums”.

“It was Roger Waters who came in his late twenties and realized that life moves fast, and he said to himself, ‘If I realize that, there’s probably a lot of people who do that too,’ he wanted to share that and a lot of people recognized themselves in it,” says Mr Gauthier.

As part of the 50th anniversary, a reissue of songs from the album is planned.

This is performed solely by Roger Waters without the help of the other members of the group, which is debatable.

“He’s already resisted that in an interview with a British journalist, saying he has his vision and it’s not just what came out on the original album,” the columnist continues. He therefore wants to realize his own vision, for example by giving the song Money a more scenic vision.

However, this new edition could be overshadowed by an anniversary box that the company will be selling with an improved sound system.

Fans of Pink Floyd can also visit the Their Mortal Remains exhibition, which traces the group’s journey through March 5 at Montreal’s Arsenal Contemporary Art.

Check out Mike Gauthier’s full music column in the video above