1676770081 The delicate nickname given to Indigo Evalunas daughter with Camilo

The delicate nickname given to Indigo, Evaluna’s daughter with Camilo, Ricardo Montaner and his wife

One of the great gifts of life that the Montaner received in 2022 was arrival indigoThe Daughter from Eve Luna with KamiloSince then, the little girl has filled the lives of everyone in this family with joy. Who was prouder than everyone else? Richard Montanerwho recently shared this on his Twitter account delicate nickname that baby set to him and his wife.

Since Eve Luna And Kamilo shared the news that they were going to be first-time parents, the Venezuelan and actress’ father was very excited about the news when he was born indigo everyone was frightened, but more Richard Montaner who hasn’t stopped calling himself his granddaughter’s number one fan. The little girl has proven to be very intelligent, as her vocabulary expands as the days go by.

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The Montaner family is very happy to share various details of their lives on social networks, so Eve Luna revealed what the first words had been indigonow the little girl is stealing the reflectors again and this time it’s up to her delicate nickname The Daughter from Kamilo You set to his grandfather Richard Montaner be beautiful wife, Marlene. Those are two words of love.

was Richard Montaner the one who reveals them delicate nickname that you set indigoThrough his official Twitter account, the Venezuelan shared with his millions of followers that the little girl is calling him “Abu” while his wife He says “Mom”. These are the two nicknames that the Daughter from Kamilo And Eve Luna He gave his paternal grandparents some words that caused tenderness and moved the singer’s fans.

The delicate nickname given to Indigo Evalunas daughter with Camilo

An unpublished photo of the face of Indigo, daughter of Evaluna Montaner with Camilo, comes to light

Since Eve Luna Montaner gave birth to the little girl indigothe identity of him Daughter with Kamilo It was a mystery because both artists announced they would keep their baby hidden until she could decide to appear before the public and reveal her identity. However, a recent accident by the Venezuelan actress revealed her little baby’s face.

1676770077 609 The delicate nickname given to Indigo Evalunas daughter with Camilo

In past days Kamilo And Eve Luna arrived in Argentina to spend time with the rest of the Montaner family, the press managed to capture the face of during this arrival indigo while the baby played with its mother. This photo caused a stir because of the close resemblance the little girl bears to him Daughter from Richard Montanerbut what stands out is that his complexion is as white as the Colombian’s.