The demise of the Quebec Liberal Party promises to be

The demise of the Quebec Liberal Party promises to be exciting! – The Journal de Montreal

The old party of Jean Lesage and Robert Bourassa, which betrayed both Lesage and Bourassa, is our new one Titanic Who doesn't understand that the iceberg of Quebec's identity has already split its shell and collapse is inevitable?

The “Montreal Laval” districts with an “Anglo-immigrant” majority will act as a lifeboat.

Luckily, the brave musicians play until the end and it promises to be entertaining.

Break out the butter and popcorn!

Who will have the chance to take on the role of captain in this shipwreck?

“Balboa” Coderre

Will it be the indestructible Denis “Balboa” Coderre who always gets back up after defeat? He has no shortage of humor and is more colorful than any of the current Liberal candidates!

This politician who increases his votes at the Ménick hairdresser will not win. However, the PLQ is hopeful for his eventual candidacy because it will be fun to have him in the race! Let the cruise have fun before you sink!

Another potential candidate: Marwah Rizqy, my favorite, brilliant, who seems honest and is also a tax expert capable of tackling the hornets' nests of tax havens!

I think Ms. Rizqy would be an excellent cook. It is precisely for this reason that I do NOT wish him the humiliation of presiding over the demise of this party that has denied itself and refused Quebec to become the voice of those who are proud of not recognizing themselves in the nation.

Promising “son of”

A third character, a “son of,” Antoine Charest, impresses me. Political culture, knowledge of French, elegance: bravo! There is no doubt about the intelligence and seriousness of Jean's son…and the federalist machine at Radio-Canada is doing everything it can to put him on a pedestal! However, he is missing a smile. It will alienate the electorate.

Will there be any more merry men in this race for access to the helm of the sinking Titanic? Perhaps! The castings have just begun.