The director of Border Resources takes stock of her first

The director of Border Resources takes stock of her first year

BUSINESS. It's time to take stock of the General Director of the Frontières Resources, Julie Potvin, who took office just over a year ago.

A number of partnerships were formed during this period. The first is one with a cultural flavor. With the aim of promoting the valorization of objects and transforming them into works of art, the organization has collaborated with various groups such as Solidart by providing them with materials that, although not very recyclable, are very useful to unleash creativity To let the artists who visit the place run. The Cutting Street Store also features various creations by recycling artist Annie Favreau.

Last November, La Resourcerie also donated 95 bicycles to the Cyclo Nord-Sud organization. “We already give a second chance by reusing many materials, but donating them is like a third chance and not only makes people happy,” emphasizes General Director Julie Potvin.

Cyclo Nord-Sud collects and recycles unused bicycles in the province to refurbish and distribute to families in need, regardless of their location on the planet.

La Resourcerie also held its first virtual auction at the end of last year. Although the organization is silent about the project, it will be back in 2024.

The Resourcerie's private collection will be available to the general public online. The amounts collected are used to continue mission and funding activities. The dates of the next auctions will be announced a little later.