The dry weather in the coming days could have a

The dry weather in the coming days could have a particular impact on health – MétéoMédia

Published on September 24, 2023 at 12:04 p.m.

The week ahead might bring tears to your eyes, but not for the right reasons. Dry weather is expected to increase the harmful effects of seasonal allergies. Explanations.

Favorable context

This would be the longest period of good weather since the start of the summer season. A week without precipitation is expected for several regions in Quebec. However, this high pressure area, well anchored in the province, will not be without consequences: it will mean the major return of allergies.

On the menu: Ambrosia

The recipe for increased allergens in the air requires three ingredients: sun, dry weather and wind.


In general, in summer the omnipresent sunlight leads to plant growth and thus to an increase in pollen. Since the fall season has begun, plant growth is unlikely. However, the dry weather expected over the next few days, coupled with the presence of winds, will promote the free circulation of allergens in the atmosphere.


In addition, the lack of precipitation leads to an accumulation of these allergens. Otherwise they would have fallen to the ground due to the rain and would no longer have been able to circulate. Fortunately, generally light winds are forecast this week, which will limit the spread of these allergens.


This time of year, ragweed comes into play. It cannot be ruled out that the allergy index will rise to a medium to high level in the coming days.


Ragweed can make life difficult for many: it is responsible for seasonal rhinitis, which affects one in five people. It is recommended to mow or even pull out ragweed.