The European Union39s plan to hit the Hungarian economy if

The European Union's plan to hit the Hungarian economy if Orban blocks aid to Ukraine Virgilio Rekordie

The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has cloggedveto, the Help for Ukraine. The Financial Times revealed an allegation Secret plan of the European Union “bring the Hungarian economy to its knees” e Blackmail Orban.

Europe's plan against Hungary

The draft, which is said to be ready in Brussels, aims to weaken the Hungarian economy.”threatening be currency and damage them Trust of investors“, explain the journalists of the business newspaper.

Cut The financing In Budapest, the European Union would crash the currency and send the currency Debts public.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

According to the Financial Times, several European diplomats have already confirmed this hold The Floor. “The atmosphere has become tougher, the stakes are higher now. “It’s blackmail,” one of the anonymous sources would have explained.

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“Hungary is not giving in blackmail! The document drawn up by Brussels bureaucrats simply confirms what the Hungarian government has long claimed: access to EU funds is customary blackmail Politician from Brussels,” continued the Hungarian Minister for European Affairs Janos Boka.

The extraordinary peak planned Thursday, February 1st will have as its object i Medium to assignUkraine. This is the second attempt after the failed one in December.

Protests against the plan

The alleged sabotage of the Hungarian economy should be Plan B if Viktor Orban continues to block the 50 billion in aid to Kiev, which is to be financed through the Community budget.

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Balazs Orban, the 37-year-old political director of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, rages on X: “Brussels is blackmailing Hungary like there is no tomorrow, even though we have proposed a compromise.”

And again: “Now it’s very clear: This is blackmail and has nothing to do with the rule of law.” And now they don’t even try to hide it anymore!”

European diplomatic sources have scale back the weight of documentIt states that it “does not set out a concrete plan regarding the EU budget and instrument for Ukraine, nor does it set out a plan regarding Hungary.”

Funds from Hungary are already blocked

A year ago, the European Commission froze 21.7 billion in Hungary for violating the rule of law. In December, shortly before the Ukraine summit, Europe released 10.2 billion.

Hungary is still waiting for another 10.4 billion from the PNRR because it is behind on the reform program.

Photo source: ANSA