1709634265 The fairer sex is becoming more and more interested in

The fairer sex is becoming more and more interested in hunting

Although hunting has long been a male domain, in recent years women have increasingly been registering to obtain their certification to hunt.

The results of the latest hunting training of the Quebec Federation of Hunters and Fishermen (FédéCP) show that women and people under 18 are more represented than these men.

“Women are introduced and it is very beautiful. This is a trend that we have been observing for several years,” explains the association’s general director, Maxime Jean.

“During the pandemic we have seen very interesting numbers as people wanted to work from home again. Certainly the numbers this year are lower than during the pandemic, but when it comes to women and young people, the trend is continuing. If you take this year's numbers and add young people under 18 and women, you get a share of 51% of the total number of firearms hunting courses offered. »

For him, this trend is undoubtedly a very good sign for the future. “As a joke, I told people at home that this meant the end of widow hunting. All the better when amateurs now practice hunting in pairs. All the better if many young people take the courses, because they represent the next generation. I believe these numbers reflect the efforts we have made to popularize the practice of hunting. We also organize different activities every year, such as Fauniqué femme, which have certainly contributed to the birth of this movement. The association has truly democratized the different training courses,” continues the Director General.

Cabana March 5, 2024

The best way to introduce young people to hunting is to take them on a small game hunting trip. Photo provided by FÉDÉCP


We also have to take into account another very important factor that explains the fact that ladies want to go hunting more and more. You now have the freedom to do so.

Previously, when the man went hunting, the woman stayed at home to look after the children and continue her work. Today the children are grown up and often leave the house. Plus, they've retired, which means they have more free time.

“I think yes, the ladies have more time now, but I also think that they have the taste to do it and accompany their husband on the hunt,” mentions Maxime Jean. I believe that many women, after having the experience of a hunting trip, decide to go further and complete their courses to become professional hunters. »

He also explains that they often went hunting with their children. In fact, we are seeing more and more small families hunting small game.


If we consult the FédéCP report on the various firearms hunting courses, as well as bows and crossbows, we see that the total results show 54,553 people who have taken courses. This is an average for normal years before the pandemic.

Because some of the training is offered online, it continues to be very popular. In 2023, nearly 15,000 participants completed the Introductory Firearms Hunting Course (ICAF) and 10,032 people completed the Bow and Crossbow Hunting Course.

Across Quebec, the Federation's volunteer instructors, who do exceptional work, have trained more than 24,000 people for the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CCSMAF) and Restricted Weapons Course. These two parts of the course must be completed in class.

An important fact is that the special wild turkey hunting training attracted 5,608 people. Since regular wild turkey hunting was introduced in spring 2008, more than 82,000 people have experienced this hunt, which is growing in popularity.

The legend of the wild turkey

Cabana March 5, 2024

Screenshot from Facebook, Jacques Houle

The events in Louiseville spread throughout Quebec when these images were broadcast showing a male turkey running after a man.

With the beginning of spring, which we are currently experiencing, this young male appeared to be exhibiting territorial behavior for the mating season. The wild turkey population is over 70,000 individuals. Winter is the number one predator of this species. The depth of snow on the ground will make the difference. The favorable conditions we find enable the species to reproduce without any problems. A female can give birth to 10 to 12 young per year. The population could soon reach peak levels. Perhaps the responsible authorities should consider catching a certain number of females, perhaps as part of a lottery like with roe deer.