The fascinating film on Netflix starring Matt Damon which has

The fascinating series that Netflix stole from another platform and continues to break records

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In the midst of the competition to see which streaming platform can offer users the best audiovisual content, Netflix took a successful series from HBO MAX and as soon as it added it to its catalog, the production broke reproduction records and rose to the top of the list The 10 most views in the last few days.

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The application of the Red N, in this sense, has made progress in the acquisition and publication of series and films from other services, although the original options have caused a great stir. A few weeks ago the company included in its list “El Turista”, also the debut film of MAX, which was one of the favorites of Internet users for its undeniable plot.

For the occasion, Netflix added “The Warrior of Chinatown”, a 2019 series by Jonathan Tropper that, with its three seasons, captured the curiosity of the audience from the first minute and immersed them in a fascinating story about martial arts and mafia fights allowed to immerse. However, what is attracting even more attention from Internet users is the fact that the associate producers include Shannon Lee, the daughter of the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee, a key figure in this type of cinematography.

What is “The Warrior of Chinatown,” the series that Netflix acquired from HBO MAX, about?

Set at the end of the 19th century, this production tells the story of Ah Sahm, a martial arts master who embarks on a desperate search for his kidnapped sister, who was sold to Chinatown organized crime.

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