1706573538 The feat achieved by Oswaldo Guillen after becoming champion with

The feat achieved by Oswaldo Guillén after becoming champion with Tiburones de La Guaira

The feat achieved by Oswaldo Guillen after becoming champion with

The Tiburones de La Guaira won the championship of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League after a 37-year losing streak. The Sharks defeated the Cardenales de Lara in five games and were declared winners on January 28 at the Antonio Herrera Gutiérrez Stadium in Barquisimeto. Oswaldo Guillén is one of the pillars behind the team's triumph, becoming the only Venezuelan coach to achieve an extraordinary feat. What is it about?

What feat did Oswaldo Guillén achieve after winning the championship with the Tiburones de La Guiara?

Oswaldo Guillen He is one of the main people responsible for the triumph of the La Guaira Sharks. He won the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP) championship in the 2023–2024 season and also has a World Series ring as manager of the 2005 champion Chicago White Sox team.

Among his achievements, Guillén became champion in the Major League World Series and champion in the LVBP. He became the first Venezuelan coach to achieve such a feat.

How was Oswaldo Guillén's victory with the Chicago White Sox in the MLB?

Oswaldo Guillen He has the honor of being the first Venezuelan champion coach in a World Series. Big leagues. This event was historic for him and the Chicago White Sox team, which had not experienced a victory since 1917. Additionally, the team had not won a postseason game since 1959.

Oswaldo Guillén is champion of the LVBP with the Tiburones de La Guaira

On December 4, 2023, it was announced that Oswaldo Guillén would return to Venezuela to manage the team in which he became an active player, the Tiburones de La Guaira. The coach with extensive experience in the Major Leagues came to his country to contribute and lead the team to the championship.

At the time, La Guaira was experiencing problems in management and performance. However, there was the presence of the current National League MVP in the MLB, Ronald Acuña Jr.

Like Guillén, the strategists Earl Weaver, Tom Lasorda and Terry Francona They also managed to become World Series and winter ball champions.

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