The forced military mobilization is triggered in the Ukrainian territories

The “forced military mobilization” is triggered in the Ukrainian territories annexed by Russia. The mayor of Melitopol: “You stop men of all ages”

Russian troops started there forced military mobilization of the local population in the busy district of Melitopolin the southern region of Zaporizhiajust attached to the Russia after the farce referendums. The mayor of the city denounces it. Ivan Fyodorov, quoted by UNIAN: “Men are only just being brought onto the streets. We had a large number of cases over the weekend where they were just close men of different ageswith different physical shape and ask them to go to the office of the commander to be registered. Then one is held for several days », others are released immediately. For the mayor, it is a clear signal that mobilization has begun. Fedorov also explained that many local residents are trying to do this for this reason evacuation from the occupied territories. According to him, at the nearby checkpoint Vasilivkanot far from Zaporizhzhia, in the morning already 4 thousand people wanted to enter the territory still controlled by Ukraine, but the Russian army did not allow them to leave.

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