The former heartthrob talks about his decision to become a street vendor

The former Globo heartthrob, Daniel Erthalwho became known nationally after joining the cast of “Malhação” in 2005, went viral on social media this Wednesday (3) after the Internet realized that he is currently making a living as a street vendor on the streets of Rio.

In an interview with columnist Daniel Nascimento from the newspaper O DIA, Daniel Erthal talked about the decision to invest in microenterprises and go to the streets “face to face” to make their own sales. According to the actor, it all started when he was walking on the beach in the south zone of Rio and couldn't find any cold beer to drink except in convenience stores.

However, he guarantees that before implementing his new business, he has planned every step before opening “Ilha da Sede”. And few people know it, but it is not the first time that Daniel Erthal has taken the step into entrepreneurship. “Since the pandemic that I started, I had a startup for two years, I invested a lot of money, much more than I invest now, but I failed, I couldn't sell the company,” he explained.

Didn't let that get him down

Until he became successful selling “Ilha da Sede” beer on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Daniel Erthal struggled with other investments in companies that failed. “I also tried other ventures, without success. That’s entrepreneurship: failing and not giving up until something happens,” added the former global star.

The new venture has been so successful that he already has the help of an employee and needs documents from the city of RJ in order to legally work as a street vendor.

I work on television

Daniel Erthal has not been on television for some time and guarantees that he has not given up on dramaturgy. The handsome man said he is studying in this field and is open to new opportunities to return to this segment. “I’m producing a film. I am fit, not only mentally but also physically, I am ready to play,” he explained.

However, he has already warned that even if new job offers appear on television, he has no intention of giving up his new business. Daniel Erthal stressed that he has no intention of stopping beer sales on Rua Santa Clara on Copacabana in Rio's south zone. Furthermore, he made it clear that he doesn't mind being called a street vendor as that is actually the profession he currently pursues.