1707823291 The geopolitics of Taylor Swift Maria Pages and the death

The geopolitics of Taylor Swift, María Pagés and the death of Ana Mendieta are among the recommended podcasts in February | TV

The geopolitics of Taylor Swift Maria Pages and the death

This month of February, we're putting together solid suggestions that have more in common than their format. These four podcasts focus on the world of culture and have a female name.

“I live dancing”

Five inspiring artists from the world of dance in five-minute conversations. Poliana Lima, Olga Pericet, Rocío Molina, Luz Arcas and María Pagés tell journalist Olga Baeza their fears, their desires and their joys. As advice for new generations, they also explain how they see life and in particular this artistic discipline, its transformative power and how it transcends society. Brazilian Poliana Lima, for example, refuses to call dance a discipline because she understands that it is a way of life. Live Dancing is a Podium Podcast project whose first episode has already been published. It is produced with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Spanish National Radio and the European Parliament.


This summer we told how the launch of RTVE Play Podcast aimed to restore the hidden sonic treasures of the public institution and launch new projects in this format. The idea begins to bear fruit and this Monday, February 12th, Geopolis appears in its catalog.

In the first episode of the season, they analyze the phenomenon Taylor Swift, whose influence not only moves millions of dollars in the world of pop, but also extends to the political sphere. Using the example of the American singer, they explain to the listener what soft power means, the ability of a state to persuade without having to use military force or economic coercion.

Football, the Star Wars saga, Silicon Valley and Michelin stars are also mentioned in the 12 chapters of Geopolis, in which experts from The World Order – authors of the podcast Geopolitica Pop -, an international analytical medium in Spanish, take part. In the future, the project will venture into the audiovisual sector with a television program hosted by Silvia Intxaurrondo.

This section joins a series of audio books that will be included in the RTVE sound catalog. To promote reading, they have presented works performed by RNE actors and specialists. One of them is the creation of the writer and activist Rosario de Acuña. In 1909, she wrote The Doll's House, a selection of short stories dealing with social, sentimental and political themes of the time. Actress and history graduate Alba Escudero provides the voice for this audio book.

Let's talk about art

The Mexican Roberta Villarreal is trained in industrial design. While in college, he started an art criticism blog, which grew into an Instagram account (with 217,000 followers) and then online courses via YouTube (with another 51,000 subscribers). The audio format has also been switched to since 2019. HablemosArte tries to be entertaining rather than critical, didactic rather than sublime. Now she talks about Munch's work, but also about women in surrealism or the creative process of the pop band Morat. In his latest episode to date, Villarreal speaks with Spanish artist María Gimeno about her performance entitled Queridasvies.

What are you reading

Berna González Harbor has been presenting the book podcast EL PAÍS since Friday, February 16th, expanding the previous video range. In this audio version he interviews an author (perhaps established or perhaps a new talent) who has just published a new work. The conversation focuses more on the theme of the work than on the work itself, although you can also hear some fragments of his new book. In What are you reading, the author himself recommends titles to the listeners. Guillermo Altares and Jordi Amat also recommend texts: those selected by Babelia. The former head of the newspaper's cultural supplement, Javier Rodríguez Marcos, proposes an alternative and expanded reading of the book of the week.

“What Are You Reading?”, with Sara Mesa.

In English. “Death of an Artist: Ana Mendieta”

Coinciding with the exhibition dedicated to Ana Mendieta at the Musac in León, we are bringing back this podcast that asks whether the famous sculptor Carl Andre was involved in the death of his wife, the Cuban artist Ana Mendieta, in 1985. Accusations of murder arose against one of them most famous couples in the art world, two opposite poles that were irrevocably attracted to each other. This podcast, entitled “Death of an Artist,” reconstructs the relationship between Andre, famous, rich, white and influential, and Mendieta, a Cuban refugee with an avant-garde approach to art. Just months after their wedding, Andre called the police and said he had argued with his wife and that she had “jumped out the window” of their 34th-floor New York apartment. Presenter Helen Molesworth talks about Mendieta's death and the subsequent trial of Mendieta Andre.

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