1704312623 The good player Jeremy Demay reacts to his parody on

The good player Jérémy Demay reacts to his parody on Bye Bye – 7 Days

Jérémy Demay was a good sportsman and responded with humor to the parody made about him during the game Bye 2023.

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For a public figure, being emulated in Bye Bye is tantamount to having made their mark on the year, whether for good or bad reasons.

This year, Jérémy Demay was the subject of a sketch with Pierre Yves Roy Desmarais who slipped into the comedian's shoes in his commercials for the company Meubles RD.

The good player Jeremy Demay reacts to his parody on

The day after the year-end show airs, whoever is currently traveling around the province with his third one-man show, Naturallyresponded to the pastiche made in his honor and praised Pierre-Yves' “impeccable” work.

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“Kudos to the entire production of Bye-bye, it was excellent.”
The flawless imitation of. deserves special mention Pierre Yves Roy Desmarais. I laughed hard! I even wrote to him that he is better in himself than me. Admit he looks deliciously like me!” he wrote, sharing a photo of Pierre-Yves dressed as him.

In the comments, Jérémy Demay's subscribers mentioned how much they appreciated this imitation, but also Bye Bye in general.

And you, did you enjoy the 2023 edition of Bye Bye?

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