1707195876 The Goring is the London hotel that Queen Elizabeth liked

The Goring is the London hotel that Queen Elizabeth liked best

There are many things that Queen Elizabeth II liked to do when she was away from her favorite castle, Balmoral (Scotland), and staying in London: strolling through the Fortnum & Mason department store, enjoying a smoked eel foam at Bellamy's (in the Mayfair district), or Try your favorite eggs and lobster at The Goring, the closest hotel to Buckingham Palace and one of the British royals' favorite hotels since it opened in 1910. This iconic property in the British capital enjoys the rare privilege of being the only hotel to be the Queen in 2013 awarded a Royal Warrant, a royal award given by the British royal family for their hospitality services and which accredits them as official suppliers.

The last bastion of independent London hospitality was founded by a German, Otto Göring, who He moved to London in 1893 to work as a banquet waiter. A tireless worker, he managed to open a restaurant with just 50 rooms in 1910, which is still owned by the same family today. The building was designed by architect John Evelyn Trollope, one of the greatest exponents of the Edwardian Baroque, and was the first hotel in the world to offer central heating and a bathroom in every room.

More informationThe plaque in the name of Queen Elizabeth, which recognizes the hotel for its hospitality.The plaque in the name of Queen Elizabeth recognizing the hotel for its hospitality.Hemis (Alamy / Cordon Press)

The Görings also played a prominent role during the war conflicts. During World War II, Winston Churchill held meetings with the Allies in the Silver Room, while the Polish army in exile was stationed upstairs. Even Churchill's mother, Jennie Spencer-Churchill, stayed there for a while. It was an important enclave not only for wars but also for celebrations. For example, in 1953, on the occasion of the coronation of Elizabeth II, it became an annex to Buckingham Palace and hosted many of the invited European royals and aristocrats. Years later, the Middleton family took over the hotel during the royal wedding of Kate Middleton to William of England, the current heir to the throne. The attic royal suite was chosen by the now Princess of Wales to spend the night before her wedding on April 29, 2011. Unique royal items, from handwritten letters to military clothing, are on display in this 1,200-square-foot space designed by Russell Sage. One of the strangest pieces is the life-size portrait of Queen Victoria, located in the bathroom's double shower and protected by safety glass.

The hotel's Royal Suite.The hotel's Royal Suite. The Goring Hotel


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Eggs and champagne

The hotel's Michelin-starred restaurant, led by chef Richard Galli, has long had a reputation for reinventing classic British cuisine. It's also one of the last London restaurants to serve roast beef ribs on a silver cart. During their visits, members of the Windsor household often ordered the same seafood dish of eggs and lobster: the famous Drumkilbo eggs. A favorite of both the Queen Mother and her daughter Elizabeth II, this historic recipe has its origins in the kitchens of Drumkilbo House in Perthshire, Scotland. And all in a very special setting, as the space, designed by David Linley, is inspired by a famous photo of debutantes by Cecil Beaton.

Kate Middleton, accompanied by her mother and sister, arriving at The Goring the day before her wedding to William of England in 2011.Kate Middleton, accompanied by her mother and sister, upon her arrival at The Goring the day before her wedding to William of England in 2011. Nick Ansell (PA Images / Getty I

Since opening more than a century ago, Goring has perfected the afternoon tea menu, complementing it with a glass of Bollinger Champagne, Elizabeth of England's favorite sparkling wine. Cocktails are made from more than a hundred different herbs collected from the hotel's garden to create unique classics and old favorites, from the Rosehip Royale to the Coronation Cup (with Gin and Dubonnet, other Queen classics).

The hotel's most famous guest today is undoubtedly Barbara the sheep. Guests told Otto Göring that when they stayed at his property, they felt the peace and quiet of a country hotel due to the beautiful gardens and quiet location in London's Belgravia district. The Goring's garden is the largest hotel garden in central London, measuring 41 x 30 square meters (larger than Wimbledon's Center Court) and has a full-time gardener. One day while driving through Devon, Mr Goring came across the workshop of a craftsman who was making wooden sheep from real sheep's wool. He purchased one because he felt it breathed life into the property's rural atmosphere. The guests were delighted and from then on Barbara the sheep has been part of the town's legendary trail and the largest marketing campaign staged a century ago and remaining intact to this day.

But Barbara is not the only illustrious animal in the hotel. Teddy the pony is not just an international celebrity (with 174,000 followers on his Instagram account) is one of his most popular sporadic visitors. Teddy belongs to the Goring family and spends time in the ground floor garden at some times of the year. To celebrate their visits, a limited edition afternoon tea, Teddy the Shetland, will be launched, with delicious cakes shaped like ponies, horseshoes and mini apple pies.

The pony Teddy at the entrance to The Goring, along with the London accommodation staff.Teddy the pony, at the entrance to The Goring, with London Accommodation staff. Adam Lynk Photography (The Gorin

The love of animals is a constant in the decoration, as demonstrated by Fromental House's renovation of the lobby, which follows the English landscape tradition. The wallpaper shows animals from the London Zoo escaping into the forest. Another curiosity? Kate Middleton herself was responsible for completing the figures of the lion and the unicorn, which represent the royal coat of arms.

Detail of the royal coat of arms on the walls of the property's lobby.Detail of the royal coat of arms on the walls of the hotel lobby. The Goring Hotel

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