The health complications Sofia Vergara suffered while playing against Griselda

The health complications Sofía Vergara suffered while playing against Griselda Blanco

Sofía Vergara, known for her recent starring role in the Netflix miniseries Griselda, said that not everything was rosy during the recording of this production.

Actually, The model said she believes she has a lifelong back injury and that she once missed a performance because it became stiff..

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With her appearance in Griselda, Sofía Vergara has been the talk of the town in recent weeks. The recent Netflix premiere caught the attention of thousands of viewers.

So the Miniseries has taken the top spots of “Most Viewed” on the platform.

However, e.g Sofia Vergara The role of the feared Colombian drug trafficker took a toll on her health.

Griselda series

Ozzy (right) was one of Griselda Blanco's spoiled children.

“I’ve already had several injections”: the health complications

“I wanted Sofía and Gloria Delgado-Pritchett to disappear. “I didn’t want people to remember these two people,” Vergara said in a press conference.

Because of this, the woman began to adopt postures that were detrimental to her physical quality.

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I walked hunchbacked for six months. You can't do that at 50.

“I walked hunchbacked for six months. You can't do that at 50. The only day I missed the set was when my back got stiff,” he said.

Actually, At one point he stood up and couldn't move.

“When I went to the doctor he told me: 'If you want to run you need a masseuse to give you physiotherapy, that's not the case,'” he remembers.

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The actress stressed that she doesn't know what damage she is causing and that she assumes nothing will happen to her.

However, he said that once the pain stops or feels bad, it takes a while for it to go away and that “They have already given him three injections“.


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