the homage to the Mino warriors of Dahomey from the

the homage to the Mino warriors of Dahomey from the Viradoura Samba school, crowned

In Brazil, the Viradouro samba school won the 2024 Rio Carnival. Their parade about the strength of black women, through the myth of a sacred snake from Benin, convinced the “Sambodrome” jury. This is the third title for this school from the suburbs of Rio.

With our correspondent in Rio de Janeiro, Sarah Cozzolino

She was the very last school to pass, after four nights and eleven schools marching around the Sambodrome. But the opening committee was able to convince the jurors and the 70,000 spectators.

A huge articulated snake made its way among the dancers. An innovation typical of the Rio Carnival: under the carcass, a man lying on a skateboard gave the animal exercise. A sacred serpent worshiped by the Mino warriors who defended the city Dahomey Kingdomwhere Benin is today and from where many slaves who were forcibly sent to Brazil left.

The parade, which was judged to be technically flawless, earned the school the maximum possible number of points with 270 points. The theme, the percussion, the development of the parade or even the floats and costumes are criteria for defining the school that will be crowned carnival champion.

This year, several samba schools honored Afro-Brazilian heroes or indigenous peoples in a country where racism is still very present.

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