The house of the famous what are the new

The house of the famous : what are the new advantages of the leader? Time

The 23 residents of Telemundo's “House of the Famous” were surprised to discover the new benefits that the leader of the week will have. Guty Carrera, who won the challenge to be elected the first leader of the house, receives immunity and also Other benefits that could spark controversy, such as the ability to spy on your colleagues.

After a series of tests, Guty Carrera was crowned the first leader of the House of the Famous. This appointment brings great benefits to the participant, who was able to choose an accomplice on this occasion. “I want you to look closely because as a leader you have the following advantages and I want you to believe in them and I want you to understand them. Tomorrow, as I told you, the people in this House will be nominated, but You enjoy absolute immunity, meaning no one can nominate you“Driver Nacho Lozano explained to residents.

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In addition to immunity you will receive The leader can save one of his companions from being nominated. “Attention, Guty, you have to defend this opportunity in close combat with other teammates, they will find out how that will happen. The boss will be responsible for planning this dynamic and relaying the details,” the driver announced via a giant screen to the participants, who had yet another surprise in store for the residents.

The big surprise about the leader's new powers came later: it is the ability to watch every corner of the house through the cameras.. “They are observers, so the leader has the right to spy on any conversation or moment in the house. The leader can do this in real time,” said Nacho Lozano, adding: “You have to choose a companion.”

The alliance between Fernando Lozada and Guty Carrera

After being elected leader of La Casa de los Famosos, Guty Carrera received: immunity, the ability to keep a partner from being nominated, and access to observers to spy on the house's other residents. For this final advantage, He chose Fernando Lozada as his partner, with whom he apparently entered into an alliance.

“I initially chose this person because I have known him for some time and I think he is an absolutely strategic person and I think he will help me take advantage of it. I made the decision simply because of this new way to spy on people for three minutes I think this person will help me spy on her properly,” Guty revealed when he had to choose a companion..

“I want to start forming certain bonds and I think this person is spectacular, a leader and of course a titan. So…Fernando, come here, brother!” said the actor.